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WOWOpinion Announcement
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It seems to me that WOWOpinion has become the stepchild to WOW Candy Visuals. First, I want to thank everyone that’s been visiting and showing your support to the women’s gallery we started back in 2011. We are growing and growing each day and showing support for the ladies that are paving a way for the next generation to come. However, it seems like we need to use our voice and discuss a lot of things that are happen in the world of Women’s Wresting.


This leads to where in the tune of “In the Navy” by the Village People, “We Want You”.


Since Dave and I are planning to relaunch WOWOpinion, we are asking YOU guys to write what is ever one your mind about Women’s Wrestling or anything you feel like when it comes to wrestling. You can discuss what wrestler you’ve been enjoying, what you think of the current state of the women’s division for Impact Wrestling, WWE, NXT and so forth. Hell, you can write your dissatisfaction with wrestlers you don’t even like.


There’s not really anything to qualify for. If you love to write and like women’s wrestling, this is for you. However, we ask NOT to write anything sexist, xenophobic, racist or misogynist. Anything that is submitted to us will be reviewed and if we see that, we will NOT post it.


To submit your article, please email us at and if you feel like, please put your twitter handle down so we can tweet you when its up!


Thank You guys and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


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