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Meagan’s Corner – Lack of Photoshoots
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Welcome to the first edition of Meagan’s Corner. For this edition, I’m going to talk about something that most of you would probably agree on, and that is the lack of photoshoots we get from WWE.com these days and how we see “unreleased” photoshoots of the Women’s Superstars in articles on the site, in newspaper articles, and photofiles are used these days. With that being said, let’s get to the article.


Back some many years ago when WWE.com was just a minor thing and not a big thing like it is now, we would rarely see photoshoots. However, in the mid-2000s where Dial up was still a thing and DSL was just beginning to rise, they would have a side site for the WWE Divas at the time where you would view them. Sure, a lot of these photos were risqué, but that was the product at the time. The women would show what they got and attract viewers or as they would say “sex sells”. As soon as the year 2000 would end, WWE.com would introduce the babe of the year (In which Trish Stratus won three times), they would have unreleased shoots and use those as well as having WWEDivas.com were it would be update once in a blue moon, unless it was a special on location shoot regarding the magazines they did and those were always updated. Around the time the third babe of the year ended, the side site for the women went down and we didn’t have anything until the start of 2005 where newer pics were coming out and on top of that, Stacy Keibler’s Babe of the Year stuff was coming out every month. Once those were stopped, the photoshoots weren’t coming out and it was not a regular thing until the midsummer of 2006 where we were introduced to the Daily Diva and the Diva Focus, which came out every Monday through Friday.


The Monday through Friday thing was a good idea that WWE.com had because it highlighted every women on that roster and a lot of us saw our favorites get a photoshoot or even an unreleased pic in the Daily Diva and what was awesome about this whole thing? We still got the on location photoshoots as well as specialty shoots! We could say that we were spoiled rotten as WWE Women’s Superstars fans at the time. However, as they would say good things would come to an end. Towards the beginning of 2009 up into the middle of 2010, the Diva Focuses would start repeating themselves over and over again. (Remember when Savannah got eight photoshoots in a row) and it caused a lot of fuss with some of us, leading to them stopping the whole thing up until 2011 were they would resume it in 2011. It would start on Thursdays, but in the middle of that year, it would be a Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing until 2012 were it was a Saturday special and then they would stop that in 2013 were we had to wait until Thursdays again to see the shoots. On top of that, we got unreleased shots in special galleries, but it wasn’t enough to please the fans. Then in 2015, all of that would stop and we would be VERY lucky if we even got photoshoots at all, which will lead to the next part.


WWE seems to be very stingy with photoshoots these days, especially the ones when it comes to the NXT Women. In 2014, they did a NXT Summer beach party that was all bunched together and it didn’t highlight anyone that was there. We would be very lucky if there was a solo shot in that gallery, but most of the time, it was with everyone that was highlighted. I should mention that in those shoots that were done, we did get a feature of Charlotte and Sasha Banks before they were on the main roster. Ever since then, it has become VERY RARE that NXT Women have photoshoots. As of right now, the ONLY feature photoshoot that was done was with the Four Horsemen in NXT and that was it. The only time we would see ANY NXT Women was if they were apart of a certain gallery such as Golden Blondes, International Women or the Red nose shoot that came out recently. The photos that they also take would be featured in articles on WWE.com or on photofiles. They don’t get the same treatment the main roster women get, and that’s a shame.


Now onto something that may get a little bit controversial and this is just my opinion on this whole entire thing, but I’m sure you guys would agree with me. Of course a lot of you know of Joey Styles, who was in charge of the stuff on WWE.com back then and we would become very upset with the fact that he would never release stuff of who we wanted and come up with some type of excuse of not releasing, but let me ask you readers this question. Who would bombard his twitter and say we want to see certain shoots and unreleased shots that came out? I was one of them, but I was also unlucky getting in what I wanted and kind of expected the answer. However, let’s go back to a controversial issue that happened nearly two years ago regarding a statement he made.


I’m sure you guys remember who on the Women of the Year for 2015 and that was Nikki Bella winning it. Now who remembers the outfit that she was wearing? It was a see through top that showed her bra. What tradition does WWE.com do after someone wins a Slammy Award? They have a photoshoot or photoshot with it. Nikki’s wasn’t in the gallery and I was confused because for WOW Candy Visuals, Dave has to fetch some of the photos and post them to the site. When someone asked on twitter why Nikki Bella’s photo posted as a Slammy Winner and Joey said that her outfit was “Too revealing”. Of course that was going to cause a big shitstorm (I apologize for my language) and it was hell. I thought to myself as soon as he said that comment “This shoot is going to be never seen and going to appear in a gallery of unseen shots or on news sites”. After the controversy was spamming, he finally gave it, but fixed the outfit to make it PG standards.


Ever since that controversial incident, part of me thinks we never see these shoots anymore because of that reason and the only time we see unreleased shots is when it’s someone’s birthday or appear on a render, but most of the time when it’s someone’s Birthday, the pics are recycled and reused. We also didn’t even get the Hall of Fame looks in 2016 and it took Summer Rae to actually post a photo of her gown she wore for a shoot and it made everyone wonder why WWE didn’t post it. They still put up specialty shoots like that, but it gets annoying that unseen photoshoots are still being used as article pics and so forth.


So what should WWE.com do to stop all of this? Should they bring back the everyday photoshoots? Should they do it every other day? What do you think WWE.com needs to do? I should mention that there could be a downside and they’ll do some of the stuff they do right now with the Instagram stuff, but do you honestly thing WWE needs to stop being stingy with this? I personally believe they do, but I know they won’t do it, and it’s going to take that one controversial statement to prevent us from seeing any shoots.

So what are your thoughts on this whole situation? We would like to hear from you. Now as for me, I’m still going to let me voice be heard regarding this and tell us to release Finn Balor pics on top of that.


Thanks for Reading.


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One response to “Meagan’s Corner – Lack of Photoshoots”

  1. Chris says:

    I used to enjoy the photo shoots, I wish they still did them.

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