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Meagan’s Corner #11: The Wrong Name For A Women’s Battle Roy...
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The thunder rolls
And the lightning strikes– Garth Brooks/All that Remains


I know I opened up with a song lyrics to my blog, but these past forty-eight hours, I feel like thunder’s was rolling and bringing the lighting as well on Twitter. Now, I’m just going to give a little bit of a heads up here regarding my blog. This is just my opinion on this whole entire thing I felt like talking about. Hell, I need to talk about it. Here we go and I’m going to bite the bullet talking about this.

For the first time EVER in WWE history, we are about to have five Women’s matches in Wrestlemania history. Yes, that makes me happy and as a women’s wrestling fan, it makes me thrilled. A couple of years ago, we were very lucky to even get two women’s matches let alone five. We are making progress in the Women’s Evolution, right?

Or as we think we are.

Last night on WWE Raw, it was announced that for the first time for Wrestlemania, we are going to have a battle royal named after someone. It was rumored for a long time and personally, after the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, I was excited. If the men can have an Andre the Giant Battle Royal and a Royal Rumble in the same year, the women can have one as well. While watching RAW, they honored the Fabulous Moolah with a video package, I thought this was just for Women’s History month, but prior towards this, they already did honor someone for the month. I was listening and looking at all of the women talking about Moolah until the end of the video package where it was announced that at Wrestlemania, the women from Raw, Smackdown and NXT will be competing in the first ever…..

“Fabulous Moolah battle Royal!”

Of course, I was excited for this because everyone that’s not in a championship match, tag match or singles match are competing in it and I was excited for the Wrestlemania fashions (I mean, come on, the ring attire is the best part of Mania. WWE, you better release a photoshoot of this), but at the same time, it clicked in my head and what clicked in my head was.

“This is not going to end well with anyone considering that Moolah did some horrible stuff when she was alive”

Boy was I right about this because this caused the biggest thunderstorm out there. Twitter was on fire with this, they were angry as they have every right to be angry. I was going to say something, but I couldn’t find the proper words to say anything on this situation. I was upset about the fact that WWE is preaching moving forward with the Women’s Evolution, but they took a BIG STEP backwards with this, especially with the whole #MeToo Movement that is going on these days.


However, at the same time, I get what WWE is doing. They want to honor someone that did a lot for wrestling despite everything and she was one of them, but you could’ve had a different name to honor the women. Chyna was the first one that came to mind because she was the one that broke ground, you could’ve had Alundra Blayze’s name for the battle royal. Hell, you could’ve named it the Molly Holly Battle royal, and everything would’ve been fine. Someone said in a group I was in that Monday was a bad day for WWE in PR, but honestly, if they are going to wipe the likes of Chris Benoit out because he murdered his family and himself, they wiped Hulk Hogan out because he said the “N” word. What is so hard with looking at what Fabulous Moolah did in the past and changing the name to something everyone can agree on?

Speaking of which, there is a Petition going around to change the name to something different instead of this. I encourage people to sign it and let the WWE know. You guys did it last year when the Smackdown Women’s Championship match was on the preshow and had it moved to the main show. I would be surprised if WWE caves in for the name change on this one.


Bottom line is this. I’m mixed on this whole entire thing, but I will say this. I’m glad that each girl is going to be featured on this card and I said before when I got to the details that I’m happy that we have more than two matches on this show.


So I’m going to lead this to you guys. How do you feel on this whole entire thing? Should the name be changed or leave it the way it is? Also, a little bit of a cheap plug here, if you want to everything else that’s happened, I recommend purchasing the book Sisterhood of the Squared Circle, which is a very good read. Here’s the link:


Thanks for reading this everyone and I do hope the change happens for the sake of everyone.




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