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Meagan’s Corner #10: Summer Rae and Emma’s Releases
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Welcome back to another edition of Meagan’s Corner. This is episode ten and I just have to talk about what happened yesterday regarding the releases of Darren Young, Summer Rae, and Emma. Personally, I’m kind of sad and normally, I don’t get sad due to releases, but Emma and Summer’s ones just make me very upset at the fact that these girls were underutilized and the potential was there and they had to use it. Boy, do I feel like WWE messed this one up with the both of them.


Now for starters, I wasn’t a big fan of the both of them like I am with Charlotte, Finn Balor, Alexa Bliss and AJ Styles, but I did want the both of them to succeed here. Infact, Summer was one of the girls I became a fan of and admired the fact that she was a good manager to Fandango and had a lot of fun watching those two, but it was Emma that captivated me the most when she had the bubbly gimmick. I thought to myself that “Oh hey, she’s just like me and a goofball. I can dig this”. Hell, their dance off in NXT had to be the most greatest stuff there was out there and I still laugh to this day.


Wrestling wise, I only saw Summer Rae wrestle a few people such as Kaitlyn, being a part of that tag team match at Survivor Series four years ago and the following night one raw. She wasn’t the best, but boy, when she went out there, she shined because her charisma was there. Over in NXT where Emma still was, she has matches that people seem to forget and that match was Paige vs. Emma for the NXT Women’s Championship at Arrival. That match should’ve defined her and it sucks that credit it not given with those two. Even though I do have respect for the Four Horsewoman, the credit should be on Emma and Paige. However, ever since that match, both Emma and Summer’s career on the main roster went down a little bit.

While Summer was still with Fandango, Emma was paired with Santino and I didn’t get behind the gimmick with him. Why make something that was fun in NXT turn into a joke? While it was good that the both of them had a feud, I couldn’t get behind it. I was also glad that they had their Wrestlemania match at 30, but I felt like there should’ve been more. As soon as Wrestlemania season went down, Summer was out for the time being and Emma was here and there, until she got wrongfully terminated for something she did until she was rehired back. Summer would return to our screens and feud with Layla over Fandango, but her as a face wasn’t doing it. It was the heel in her that I wanted to come out and it did. It was this promo that had her inner heel come out and it was this one.



I have many more that I like of hers, but that one I do like the most.


2015 came to us and once again, it was trying to figure out what would happen for the both of them in that year, but it took one match and that was the 30 second match that started the “#GiveDivasAChance” movement where Emma took the pin. To me, I felt like more should’ve happened with the both of them. While Emma did go back down to NXT as reinvented her career and turned heel as well as teaming up with Dana Brooke, Summer was here and there until the storyline with Rusev, Lana and Dolph ZIggler. Now I’m going to be honest here, I felt like the both of them were in storylines, but I felt like Summer suffered from this the most. Emma was shining in NXT and rebuilding, Summer was suffered in the end when the storyline came to a halt when it was Lana that sabotaged the whole storyline reveling to TMZ that she was engaged to Rusev in real life. Nothing happened since and when the re-debut of Emma came back in 2016 and Summer and Lana were fighting, I felt like they should’ve capitalized on what happened before and have Summer turn.


Since then, I felt like WWE didn’t bring Summer to her potential. Her promo against Sasha the night after Wrestlemania was awesome and there should’ve been more before she got injured. I was looking forward for what Emma and Dana were going to do on the Main Roster, but Emma got hurt, got this Emmalina gimmick for months until she went back to Emma, but again, WWE had no clue what to do up into the summer were Emma wanted a shot at everything. Yes, she did get squashed by Nia Jax, but after that, she wanted everything to be on here. She defeated Mickie James, and WWE should’ve capitalized on it. She was put in the Fatal Four Way, but was done dirty because they added Bayley to it and made her an afterthought (Thankfully she was not pinned) and had an amazing match against Asuka. If they knew Emma was going to be done with the company, then Asuka should’ve had squashed her. Sometimes, I don’t get WWE.


Now here is my opinion with this and I should let everyone know that this is my opinion. I felt like WWE should’ve of put time and the effort into these two. To me, Lana vs. Summer should’ve had the proper ending, her potential should’ve been used, and she should’ve got the big payoff. Same goes for Emma as she went through the injuries, she had the theme song changes, she went back to NXT and she had the gimmicks that were nonsense, but WWE didn’t do that. Instead, they focus on someone that isn’t WWE Championship material instead of focusing on the ones that SHOULD get that push. Sorry, I came across rude, but I just had to be honest.


In the end, I cannot change anything and I’m still sad by this. I wish Summer and Emma luck in whatever they do next. I’m sure they will shine.


However, I do like to send a message to Lio Rush, who put a tweet out there that was uncalled for. It’s not funny when someone loses their job. It could happen to anyone, especially you. You have a lot of respect and trust to earn back after today.


That’s all I have to say. Thanks for reading.

Meagan Out.


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