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Meagan’s Corner #09: Mae Young Classic Round One Thoughts
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Welcome back to another edition of Meagan’s Corner. Here we are with Episode nine and it’s going to
be about the Mae Young Classic. But first, I want to give an apology for the late entry blog regarding
what I wanted to see regarding Sasha Banks having a good run as champion. I didn’t know that this was
going to happen so soon and let me tell you this, I’m not happy about the sudden change as well. In
entry ten, I will talk about my frustrations about the hot potato and how someone like Sasha should get
a longer reign as champion.

Going back on topic since normally I do go off topic, I’m going to talk about the Mae Young Classic first
round matches and what I thought of them and then at the end of the section, I will give my thoughts on
what match was the better of each episode, who I thought was impressive, and rank the episode
matches that I liked. I should state this these are my opinions of what will happen and how it will go


Episode One:


In this episode, you had the following match up.



Kay Lee Ray and Princesa Sugehit was an interesting match to start off the night to say at least and an
interesting one to start off the round. I’ve seen KLR wrestle before when I watched SHIMMER back
during Wrestlemania 31 weekend and I knew that she was going to be a hit. This was my first time
seeing Princesa Sugehit and I was also impressed with her. I liked the styles in the match up and how
they were matched up. Decent match up with Sugehit winning. The following match was Serena Deeb
vs. Vanessa Borne. The last time I saw Serena wrestle was back at SHIMMER 53 in New York. I was glad
that she was back in the ring and she looked like she didn’t miss a beat. However, I wasn’t too sure with
Vanessa Borne. Something about her was off with me, but I did like the fact that she did the best she can
against Serena, but in the end it was Serena winning the match. Shayna vs. Zeda was a matching styles
match with submission backgrounds. This is the first time I saw Shayna wrestle and getting used to her
as this was my first time seeing Zeda wrestle. I was impressed with the both of them and how they’ve
matched up. In the end, it was Shayna winning the match, but I was impressed with Zeda too. I could see
her be on television soon because she has a nice look. The final matchup of this episode was Abbey Leith vs. Jazzy Gabert. I’m familiar with the both of them because Abbey wrestled here locally and made a big
name for herself. Same with Jazzy too and she did appear on Impact Wrestling back three years ago, but
it was being Chris Sabin’s bodyguard at the time (Typical TNA), but this match up what intriguing and
had me on the edge of my seat the whole entire time. This was the perfect example of taller vs. smaller
and it was a good story. I personally thought Jazzy was going to win here, but was fine with Abbey
winning this match. The both of them looked strong and I did like the fact that Jazzy shook Abbey’s hand
in respect. Props to the both of them.


We then went onto Episode two of the show that featured




OK, I’m going to be critical with this episode because some of the matches didn’t click for me. I’ll try my
best to be nice as I can here, but I feel like I need to express myself. The first match of this round was
Mercedes Martinez vs. Xia Li. Sixteen year Veteran vs. A First match. Now, I have respect for Mercedes
Martinez and I’m very happy that she’s apart of this. I always enjoyed her matches, especially the
matches with Jessicka Havok in WSU, but this match with Xia Li, I didn’t care for. I’m also going to give
Xia the props too, but something did not click regarding her. I know people were giving her props, but I
felt disappointed. Needless to say that Mercedes did win this match and moved on, but I feel like Xia
does have potential, but needs more work. Nobody can become the best overnight. Another match I felt
was another disappointment was Marti Belle vs. Rachel Evers. I know Marti Belle more than Rachel
Evers, but to me, this match was disappointing to say at least. I do have to give credit where it’s due
because Marti suited well as the heel here and she was doing that well, but something didn’t click here.
Needless to say that Rachel did win the match and moved on. The next match that was a little bit better
was Rhea Ripley vs. Miranda Salinas. These were my first time seeing these two wrestled and I was
impressed with Rhea Ripley the most here. Again, like Xia, Miranda has potential and I hope she will
blossom as well. The final match on the card had to be the better match on this card and that was Mia
Yim vs. Sarah Logan and the plus side about this? They’ve wrested each other before. The last time I saw
Mia Yim was on Impact as Jade and her matches against Rosemary was amazing. Sarah’s look is totally
different and I do like the hunter look. It’s something you’ve never seen before in a women and I think
she has an amazing chance to be on television. I was hooked with this match and it could’ve went either
way, but in the end, It was Mia Yim winning with a tribute to Gail Kim. That was touching because I
respect the hell out of Gail Kim and adore her. Props to Mia for using that move and props to Sarah for
having an amazing match with her as well.


The third episode had to be one of my favorite episodes of this because of the match ups. In this round
you have the following facing off against each other.




The first match up with Ayesha Raymond and Toni Storm was a match that I was going to see Toni Storm
face off for the first time. I saw her work and I was impressed. Her look has to be the best one and its
unique. Sort of like a Becky Lynch punk rock type with the hat. Ayesha I wasn’t familiar with, but I was
impressed with her. Both of these girls looked great in this match up, but I could see why Toni Storm
moved on because she is that good at what she does. Kudos to Ayesha as well. The second match was
Dakota Kai going against Kavita Devi. Honestly, this match was not the one I would expect Dakota would
go over in because I was actually expecting Kavita as well. Kavita did surprise me and she did impress,
but I feel like she does need more work. I was glad to see Dakota be in a WWE ring and she did look
impressive as well. Match was fairly good and Dakota won with the double foot stomp. I like Dakota
now. The next match of the night was Sage Beckett vs. Bianca Belair. Now prior towards this match, I did
watch Bianca’s match against Aliyah to qualify for this, and I didn’t know the hype behind her besides
her slapping the shit out of someone with her hair. I didn’t get what the hype was at first because I
wasn’t on the train with that. Sage Beckett I respect the hell out of because like me, we both have
polycystic ovarian syndrome, and she doesn’t let that bother her. So I had to see this match for myself
and boy, Bianca impressed the hell out of me. Potential in both those girls and I see the both of them
have a great future in WWE. Sage was impressive as well and improved big time from her early days.
The final matchup of the night and the match I felt like was the match of the entire round. Piper Niven
vs. Santana Garrett. I love Santana Garrett as she is one of my favorite independent workers, so of
course I had to go out there and root for her. Piper I was unfamiliar with, but she impressed the hell out
of me. This match had me on the end of my seat because I didn’t know who was going to win. After a
missed attempted of the shining star press, Piper was able to win the match and go onto the second
round. Hell of a match and Piper won me over.


However, before I go to the last round, I just have to say something and its about these disgusting
comments I’ve seen about Piper. Not all girls are going to be blonde haired, blue eyes and perfect tens.
We come in all shapes and different sizes and the comment said about her was totally wrong. Hell, I bet
YOU can’t move like she can and if you went in that ring, you wouldn’t last two minutes.


The final episode of the round featured the following people as this one had star power in with two
people. The match ups were:




We start the episode with Candice LaRae aka Candice Wrestling going against Renee Michelle. I know
Candice is married to Johnny Gargano and I did see her wrestle before. Renee Michelle I heard of, but
this was the first time I saw her wrestle and considering that I am a fan of Candice, I was pulling for her.
Her match with Renee was decent to say at least, but part of me didn’t feel this match up. I thought the
pace was slow, but in the end it picked up. Candice won the match and moves on. The second match
was Taynara vs. Lacey. This was the first time I was seeing this match up and I was wondering how this
was going to go down. It was a surprisingly good match up, and I do have to say that the both of them
could be on NXT in the future. It’s not often we see a pinup USA gimmick and a blackbelt gimmick, but
these two can play it well. Lacey won this match, but Tanynara did a wonderful job here as well. The
third match up was Nicole Savoy vs. Reina Gonzalez and personally, I have to ask a question. What in the
world is up with Reina’s eye patch? She has a pretty face, but the eye patch doesn’t do justice for her.
Something was off in this match and I wasn’t feeling it. It was also said that Nicole did suffer an injury
which I understood and I knew Reina was working on the leg, but this match didn’t just click for me
despite Nicole winning. The final match of the tournament was Kairi Sane vs. Tessa Blanchard. Like
Candice and Renee’s match, it started out slow, but it picked up for a back and forth contest. I was
impressed with Tessa here despite what people say about her and Kairi was also impressive as well. In
the end it was Kairi winning the match and moving on, leading to Tessa breaking down and hugging
Kairi. I would be emotional as well because having a women’s tournament means something a lot, so I
can understand Tessa.


SO now I gave the thoughts on the match up, I’m going to say out of each episode was the better match.
Episode One: Abbey Leith vs. Jazzy Gabart: The perfect example of a David vs. Goliath situation and who
was going to overpower one another. This just showed in this match up with Abbey Leith being the one
to win the match.


Episode Two: Mia Yim vs. Sarah Logan: I said that I didn’t care for the other matches despite me being a
fan of Mercedes Martinez, but this one was the one that would win it all for me.


Episode Three: Santana Garrett vs. Piper Niven: I know that this is a biased pick here, but I did think this
match stole the entire episode and the show. Piper showed why she was not going to be denied while
Santana showed heart and determination.


Episode Four: Taynara Conti vs. Lacey Evans: Different Personalities and skills. I would’ve picked Kairi
Sane vs. Tessa Blanchard, but I think this one was a bit better for me because of Lacey and Taynara being
different and having different skills.


The top ten that impressed were.
1. Piper Niven
2. Jazzy Gabart
3. Kairi Sane
4. Santana Garrett
5. Mia Yim
6. Toni Storm
7. Bianca Belair
8. Taynara Conti
9. Lacey Evans
10. Zeda


Matches I preferred by episode
1. Episode 3
2. Episode 1
3. Episode 4
4. Episode 2.


So those are my thoughts regarding the first round. Ill talk about the second round when I watch it.
Don’t forget that these are my opinions and only my opinions. Until Next time…


Meagan Out


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