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Meagan’s Corner #08: Both Women’s Championships Have New Lea...
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Welcome back to another edition of Meagan’s Corner. I’m back with another edition of this blog and I
think it would be time to write this after Summerslam. I didn’t do this last week because I wanted to
wait until everything is calmed down. The 30th annual Summerslam has come and go and now we are
going to be in the Fall months.


Before I go into my blog, I shall bring up a couple of things. First off, I was happy that Finn Balor busted
out the Demon again for his match against Bray Wyatt. I always enjoy the Demon character because it’s
a special feeling considering that I saw it a couple of years ago for NXT back in 2015 here in Philadelphia.
I should mention that it was a sigh of relief seeing him hold both his arms up considering that he did get
hurt at this very event.



And I should say, that is a MAN (aww)


Another moment that happened was Cesaro going into the crowd and breaking a beach ball.



Seriously, if you are going to play with a beach ball, go to a beach and play with one. I don’t know what
is the habit of people bringing in this balls and causing a distraction during the matches? I applaud
Cesaro for going in there and doing that, but as they say, people never learn as it did happen during
Jason Jordon vs. Finn Balor’s match last night that had me very annoyed.


And finally, another moment was when Brock was down on the ground and under a table thanks to
Reigns, Joe, and Braun causing the damage like it was on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and I thought
he was going to lose that match.



Only for him to come back and retain his title by giving the F-5 to Roman Reigns to win his match.



The anti-Reigns fans went home happy while some of us that want to see a full time champion were left


Now I got that out of the way, let’s talk about the main topic of the title. We do have new champions.
Smackdown having Natalya and Raw having Sasha as the new champions on their brands. The first
match of the night between the both of them was Natalya vs. Naomi with Natalya being the first one out
of the both of them.


Then it was Naomi who was out next for the both of them.



The match itself was really good and I thought that this was Naomi’s better showing during her reign as
Women’s Champion. I’m not the biggest Natalya Fan, but I think she looked good as well entrance wise
and ring attire wise. The both of them have some good chemistry with one another and it showed in this
match. Personally, I thought Natalya had her at some point during the sharp shooter and I thought
Naomi had her at a couple of points, but it was this move that turned the point in the match that lead to
Natalya winning the championship.



I’ll leave my thoughts on Natalya winning the title when I’m done the RAW part, but I felt bad for Naomi
in the end too. She worked hard despite her second run being a dud and wanted to give her a hug after
the match because I felt bad for her.



For the Raw Women’s Match, we had Sasha Banks come out of the back first, wearing some cool looking



With the second one being Alexa out of the back as she looked really good in Pink.



As someone that’s a fan of the both of them, I thought this match was decent, but I still prefer their
Great Balls of Fire match because that was a fun one. This match was an Alexa mostly dominated match,
but I was surprised to see some of the moves that she was busting out. The Double knees of the top
rope into the Insult to Injury was awesome, the fact that Sasha was not giving up was a good story to
tell, the first Bank statement leading to Alexa smashing her arm was nicely done and I thought Alexa
would’ve won with this.



But in the end, it was Sasha that locked her up into the Bank Statement and won her fourth Women’s
Championship, tying Charlotte at four. I was fine with either result because I do like Alexa and Sasha (I
keep the peace) and was fine with one of them walking out the champion.



However, I do have to be the one that has to give the opinions and like I always say, these are just my
opinions and I’m going to say what I need to say about these titles changes that happened last week at


Out of those two, I’m for the Sasha Banks one more than the Natalya one. I’m not going to deny the fact
that Natalya busted her ass after all of the shit she’s gone through over the past years since her last run
as champion, but for me, I cannot get behind her. Her feud with Nikki Bella brought out one of her best
promos as a heel and that’s what got me interested in her, but since that and prior towards the brand
split and everything, she wasn’t really doing for me. Now, I’m for giving people a shot and this is what I’ll
do. I will give Natalya the shot to prove herself as champion. If she has a good reign, she has a good
reign as champion and I’ll be for it.


Now for Sasha, I want to see how they would do this considering that I’m for this one. The reason why I
said that is I want her title run to be a long and decent one. Not back and forth with her and Alexa, in
which I do fear will happen because Alexa does have a rematch up and my fear is Sasha will have a short
run as champion. That’s the bad feeling that will happen. Hopefully Sasha will retain the title tonight and
go forward.


That’s what I have to say on those title runs and I want the best out of them. I think Natalya will go at
least 90 days as champion while Sasha could pull a 90 day as well. I should mention that Carmella is
holding the money in the bank for Smackdown and maybe Natalya won’t make it to 90 and Bayley could
fight and say Sasha won the title while she was hurt and having her turn heel (which I doubt because
Sasha fits the heel role better) and maybe she won’t go over 90. These two runs could be interesting.


With that being said, I’m going to lead this to you and there’s going to be a poll at the bottom of this.
Which run do you want to see go longer? Sasha or Natalya. This should be very interesting to say at


Finally, going off topic here regarding Wrestling, but please keep the victims of Hurricane Harvey in your
prayers, especially the people of Texas. They need love and support right now and seeing all of those
photos are very upsetting.

Meagan Out


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