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Meagan’s Corner #07: Booing Bayley For What?
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Welcome back to another edition of Meagan’s Corner. First I want to apologize for the long gap since my last post. There was some stuff I had to do in the real life before me going to Monday Night Raw in Washington, DC, but now that I’m back. It’s time to talk about what happened on Monday Night Raw last night.


And the topic I want to talk about was last night was the fact that once again, Bayley being booed. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Bayley, though I do have to give respect where it’s due for her and the injury that she suffered the week prior does stink big time since we are only a week away from Summerslam and considering that Summerslam could’ve been the moment that she finally got the title back from Alexa or a potential Sasha heel turn the night after Summerslam, but it looks like this won’t happen at all.


While watching the show last night, I heard that there was a lot of booing and she was taken away by it. Trust me, if I was a face, injured and being booed, I would’ve ripped the marks and told them to get in the ring. That would be me, but seeing Bayley’s face and hearing the booing, I can tell she was in shock about it and not really happy about it. Also, the statement about her coming back stronger drew more boos. Honestly, I felt bad for Bayley because she busts her ass to get where she is and injuries do occur when you are in the ring. Accidents happen, but I guess when it comes to someone you dislike being injured, you boo the heck out of them.


So, can someone explain to me the reasons why Bayley’s been booed as of late? I know for a fact that she was booed out of the Royal Farms Arena back at Extreme Rules and that was her moment on her getting extreme and snapping on Alexa Bliss. I know for a fact that her character seems to gone down since her arrival on Raw a year ago, and I know for a fact that WWE doesn’t know what to do with her character on top of that, but can someone explain to me why would you boo her?  Now here is where I come in and give an opinion on this because I have a feeling where this could lead too. Here we go.


The reason why people are beginning not to like Bayley is she’s just a babyface with a character that adults cannot get with. As I stated before, I respect Bayley, but I’m not the biggest fan of her. I feel like her character applies more to children and the children can get behind it. The same thing goes for John Cena, children and women (not me) get behind him while the men don’t. The same goes for Roman Reigns as well. What does Bayley need to do to get cheered once again? I would selfishly say send her back down to NXT because that gimmick worked down there, but it’s not clicking on the main roster, but she’s since graduated from NXT and doesn’t need to go backwards. If WWE does turn her heel, you know how many children would be crying and have their heart breaking to see their hero turn. Those are just some thoughts I have.


Another thing that came into my head was, if Bayley was not injured and she was still going into this match, and considering that Brooklyn is a very tough crowd to be in, how do you think that Brooklyn would’ve reacted to her considering that she had the best performance of a life time two years ago. Would the crowd boo her or no? Those are the questions I have.


Bottom line is this, if you’re portraying a character and you get hurt along the way, you don’t deserved to be booed at all. That’s what the fans in Toronto need to know because anything happens in wrestling and accidents do happen. I wish Bayley well and take all the time she needs to rest up and to the fans that were booing yesterday about her injury, shame on you because if it was someone you liked A LOT, I bet you wouldn’t be booing them.

So what are your thoughts on this? Was it bad that the fans booed her? Leave thoughts


Meagan Out


2 responses to “Meagan’s Corner #07: Booing Bayley For What?”

  1. Adamina says:

    I’m from Toronto and went to the show and I have the feeling I know why.

    First off, we’re a no excuses kind of city. We don’t care for poor me segments. And we certainly don’t like playing wet nurse to baby faces.

    What WWE should be happy about is the fact that Toronto was cheering Emma. When have you heard and American crowd cheer for her? I’m sure the majority of fans in TO wanted her to win and if not her, Alicia Foxx.

    It’s the same song and dance with Sasha Banks week in week out just like Bayley. And we find their segments weak as…

    And don’t get me on Ambrose/Rollins. They’re turning 2 of the best superstars in the WWE into sappy girlfriends. Toronto don’t like that either. We play much more into the characters of Shamus and Cesaro where they put it all out in the ring have a beer and become best friends. I’ll be very upset if the shield reunion takes the raw tag team titles from them

  2. Chris says:

    Bayle’s character is terrible, and I have never liked her.

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