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Meagan’s Corner #06 – The Story Is Just Beginning
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Welcome back to Meagan’s Corner as this is episode six of this. Last Night was Great Balls of Fire and I stated in my 5th edition that somethings needs to happen big and get everyone talking. That actually happened last night, not on RAW as I suggested. So let’s get to the talking about what exactly happened on the show.


If you read Meagan’s Corner #5, I suggested on the Monday Night RAW before Great Balls of Fire that the both of them have some type of promo to hype the match up and get brutal as it can be, leading to a fight. Instead, we got a tag match with Sasha winning the match. Now I have a confession. I didn’t watch the match last week because I was out last week for the Fourth of July Festivities. With that tag match, I wasn’t even looking forward to the match and felt that it wasn’t going to be a good one and a lackluster one on top of that.


Boy, was I wrong with this.


First off, Let’s talk about Sasha and Alexa’s ring attires first since I’m a sucker for ring attire. The both of them looked fabulous with their new ring gears and it was good for the occasion of this match. Really stunning looks and it’s a damn shame that we don’t get photoshoots of them in gears these days, which is the frustrating thing about it.



Now onto the match, I was watching closing about what would happen and how this would go down. After hearing some stuff I had about these two with them not liking each other and going rough, this match was about to be a fight, and not a typical match. Let me tell you something, after everything that happened with Payback and Extreme Rules, this match was needed because it was very good and one of Alexa’s best matches to date. I was on the edge of my seat throughout half of the match until the part where Alexa’s arm possibly came out.



OK, I’ll admit something here. I’m not a fan of bones popping out and seeing blood come out of anyone because I will scream so loud that it’ll hurt your ears and the bad thing about this was I was eating when this happened, so my stomach was in knots. As soon as that fiasco happened, she SLAPPED Sasha right in the face and the match went back to how it was. It was good up into the point where Alexa rolled out of the ring and I said to myself “please don’t end like this”. Well in the end, Alexa was counted out and Sasha won the match that way.


So from there, the disappointment happened because I didn’t want this match to end like this and go down as another RAW match. However that was not the case as Sasha rolled out of the ring and started to fight with Alexa Bliss and let me tell you this, this fight was everything you can imagine. I wanted this to happen due issues that these two had and it showed.



And as soon as they both got on the table, you knew shit was about to pick up and it did. Sasha would eventually push Alexa off the table and she would do the double knees onto her. That was the moment that everyone was talking about and the fight that went down. I was in shock that this happened due to the fact that the last two Women’s Championship Matches were not that good. I was really glad that something like this happened and it was well needed. Hell, this was one of the better matches for the division in a while.



However, on RAW Talk, Sasha went off like a firecracker and what she said made my eyes pop out of my head. I will leave my thoughts on it below after you guys watch the video.



Now these are only just my opinions on this situation and only my opinion on this.
First off, Kudos to Renee Young and Pete Rosenberg for putting Alexa over in a way. Personally, I believe she’s come a long way, but there could be ways to get better as well. The both of them kept it professional as well. Secondly, Sasha saying that stuff kind of made me wonder if she’s going to go heel because it came off that way. It actually made me give Alexa Bliss come sympathy the way it sounded, but it also makes me wonder how Alexa’s going to shout box and thirdly, I personally believe that the rumors with the both of them having trouble are legit because Sasha couldn’t give praise to Alexa.

The only thing I have to say about this whole thing was WOW and I have no other words to put into regarding what happened on RAW Talk.


So now what happens from here? Considering that RAW’s on the road to Summerslam as Great Balls of Fire was the last show before the biggest event of the summer. It makes me wonder what could happen on Monday Night Raw. Does Alexa Bliss respond to what Sasha Banks said? Do the both of them go at it to set up a Summerslam match? This has a lot of questions after a really good pay per view with a silly title to have for an event. This is the first time in a long while that I’m actually excited for what will happen in the Women’s Division.


This is just the beginning for a possibly brutal feud coming our way and I hope they really don’t mess this up. Having Sasha and Alexa go at it at the biggest party of the summer is the match that needs to happen for the RAW brand in the summer time. The events around it has everyone talking and now it’s time to pull the trigger and let these two.

The story is just beginning with these two and this is something everyone wants to see, but knowing WWE, they are bound to disappoint. Let’s wait and see what actually happens to tonight on RAW.


So what do you think will happen? Do you think WWE will do this? Leave thoughts below.


Thanks for Reading.



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One response to “Meagan’s Corner #06 – The Story Is Just Beginning”

  1. maner says:

    The story is not just beginning it’s the same story over and over, I do not need to see Sasha and Bayley getting every single title shot. Raw has more than three women who can fight for the belt that aren’t doing anything put them on the screen and do something different.

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