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Meagan’s Corner #04: My thoughts on June 24th, 2007
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Welcome back to Meagan’s Corner and this is episode four of the show. Now, this blog’s going to a little bit different from the past three entries I wrote as I will be talking about a certain day that happened some ten years ago on June 24th, 2007 or as I should say “The Darkest Day” of being a wrestling fan. Get ready because this blog could get emotional. So here we go.


June 24th, 2007 seemed to be a typical boring summer afternoon and at the time, I wasn’t allowed on the computer during the times my stepdad would be home because it would cause fights or if he had to go to work on weekends, it would be a 7:30 at Night rule for me to be off. The only form of communication I had at the time was dialing people and speak to people. I didn’t have texting because my mom turned it off and thought it would jack up the phone bill at the time. So this whole entire day was a dull day, until Night of Champions.


Now at the time, DirecTV was the only option of watching stuff and most of had to ask our parents (Yes, we did have to ask our parents for stuff at the time. We didn’t have the network or use streaming these days), and it was expensive as it was close to 60 dollars to even by this stuff. I told my mom that I was going to head out, so I decided to call one of my friends to discuss what was going on and he told me what happened. Prior towards the Women’s Championship Match that Candice Michelle won the Women’s Championship from Melina, my friend mentioned that Chris Benoit was a no show and that Johnny Nitro (Who then turned into John Morrison) took his place and won the ECW Championship against CM Punk. I didn’t know what the hell happened and would figure out as soon as Monday Morning would come about.


Honestly, I didn’t know how the day was and it was limited. I wasn’t interested in some of the stuff that was happening online and the photoshoot that appeared for the 25th was Maryse’s Lime Time which you can check out here. ( Nothing really was going decent until my mom came home and we went out. The computer time was up when I got home with it, but it was time for Monday Night Raw. Of course the big thing that was going on was the Vince McMahon storyline and his “funeral”. That was thing that was happening as well as the fallout from the show the night before. I was settling down and getting ready for what was about to go on until I saw the unthinkable on my television.


It was those “In Memory” pictures that airs before a show goes on air and it was Chris Benoit. The shock that happened from my brother and I was something I would never forget and the tears were real. What happened to Chris Benoit along with his family that were found dead? Here’s the video announcement of his death, which lead to the cancellation of the event taking place.


(Not the best quality)

The crazy thing about this whole entire thing was a couple of weeks prior, my brother saw Chris Benoit when he was on ECW. When the announcement happened, I called a lot of my friends who were wrestling fans and we talked about it. We didn’t know what the hell was going on because there was no twitter and facebook didn’t bring us the news like it does now. We had to wait to find out. However, during Monday Night, I sat there, in disbelief that he was gone and there wasn’t a clue what happened to him.


Until 24 hours later…..


My stepdad for some reason as home that Tuesday and I had to walk to the library to use the computer. I wanted to see what happened for myself, but my mom was able to tell me what happened. He killed his wife, his son and himself in the span of three days. I didn’t want to believe my mom and ignored her until I got into the library to use the computer and the first thing I did was check the news sites. There it was, the news of the killings. My heart sank and I just read the article. My friend who typed me on Myspace told me about it and he was in shock with this as well. I didn’t know what to even think about this because I was in shock. The time on the computer was up and it was time to go home and watch ECW to see what would happen from here. The ten O’clock hour would happen and ECW would come on and from there, we would see Vince McMahon and the announcement that would change everything.



My sadness went from sadness to confusion to anger to asking why. Why would Chris Benoit kill his family? Why would a guy do something like this? WWE took away any mention of him and most of his stuff was gone. They basically wiped everything from him and haven’t mentioned him since. The rest of the week was crazy and I didn’t want to read anything about it. I was pissed off, but still sad at the same thing and those are not the best combinations to have when you’re a wrestling fan.


Ever since then, I have had a lot of thoughts regarding Chris Benoit since WWE doesn’t want to mention him by name, but I should mention that he is indeed in the WWE Encyclopedia version two because he’s apart of history with the titles and such. Here is the one true thought I have if he didn’t commit those crimes and that is…


Would he be a WWE Hall of Famer?

Sure, if he retired back a couple of years ago, I would say he would’ve gone in the class of 2012 to say at least. That’s just an estimate, but honestly, I think that would’ve been too soon for him to go in 2012 if he was still alive to this day, but regardless of what year he went in, he still would be in the Hall of Fame, but because of his crimes, he will not be in the Hall of Fame despite everything he has done for wrestling.


That was the number one thought I had in my head and I wanted to bring that up. So let me ask you guys this question. Where were you on the night of June 24th, 2007 and where did you hear the news of the tragic events?


Thanks for reading everyone and we will get back to the Women’s Wrestling talk the next time around.




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