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Meagan’s Corner #03 – A Monday Night Disaster
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Welcome back once again to another edition of Meagan’s Corner. This is entry number three of this segment within a couple of hours of shows, but I have to talk about what happened on Raw last night and it makes me want to shake my head half of the time, but hey, anything could happen on the way to their pay per view called “GREAT BALLS OF FIRE”


Ok, that was bad enough to start with, but I want to mention a couple of good things that happened on the show. Well, three good things. One being Big Cass’s epic heel turn, which I thought was excellent. Sure, I was a bit sad that they broke up, but if this was a career move, his heel turn was it because god knows what would’ve happened if that wasn’t done. Nothing towards Enzo, but I feel like that was needed. Another being Braun Stroman coming back and attacking Roman Reigns.



But the best part of me had to be the beautiful, sexiest, talented, and GORGIOUS human being on the face of the Earth coming out on Monday Night Raw and facing off against Bo Dallas. You can see who it was by the GIFS .



And he was aggressive by throwing him into the barricade, which makes him sexier



And he won the match and celebrated afterwards which was good for me.


OK, enough of that since I promise Dave that I won’t make this a “All Finn Everything Blog”, Last night’s Raw for the Women was atrocious to say at least and I don’t know how in the hell they were able to pull off some of this stuff considering that there was the big Segment with Enzo and Cass. I understand that they had to get that in, but honestly, they should’ve done the Women match a little early and leave it at that, but let’s be real honest, I’m not in charge of Monday Night Raw.


The first actual women sighting of the night was Maryse because she was in a segment with her husband for MizTV and he wanted to apologize for everything that he’s done and by the way, hearing Maryse’s theme was amazing hearing again.



Honestly, I did not care for the segment though as soon as Dean Ambrose came out. I knew that some type of situation would go down where Dean was going to do something and cause Maryse to get mad again. That’s what I was thinking about, but in the end, it did help Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel because it looks like now they are apart of his entourage. While it brings an interesting situation with Curtis and Bo, what happens to Maryse? Is she still siding with the Miz or is she done? Rumor has it that the reason why they’re not a duo anymore is the gimmick is too similar to Mike and Maria’s gimmick. Um? How? Personally, I enjoyed the due of Maryse and Miz and it shouldn’t have been touched. If it’s not broken, DON’T FIX IT!


Now we go to the cluster of a main event with Sasha and Nia and personally, I have no clue how this was done in three minutes because honestly, it was a mess. The first one out of the back was Sasha Banks, who looked pretty good in her ring attire coming out and every time her theme song kicks in, you just want to bob your head to it.



The next one out of the back was Nia Jax and she was ready to kick some ass in the ring.



Then all of a sudden, the goddess herself, Alexa Bliss comes out of the back and looks fierce as always and it looks like she’s doing some commentary for this match coming up.



However, we had to take a commercial break, but as soon as we got back from the break, it was like a car wreck on an expressway that you don’t know what happened and how you had to puzzle this together. This is what I do know and I’ll try my best to cover everything the best I can. I want to apologize beforehand about me not knowing what happened because it was so fast.



Alexa Bliss was on Commentary while Sasha and and Nia were in the ring fighting and going at it leading to Sasha doing her double knees on Nia.


Then Emma came out and confronted Alexa.



Leading to Alexa being put in the ring and Nia getting disqualified. Nia, Alexa and Emma had some type of stare down, leading to the heels beating down on Sasha Banks.



Then Dana Brooke and Mickie James came out of the back and try to even up the odds



They tried their best to get the heels down, but all of a sudden, we see a returning Bayley come flying out of the back, and making the sides uneven once more. Bayley did what she had to do and she got her revenge in some way on Alexa Bliss



And then it was all the faces from here where they had to pull off their best Power Rangers stuff on the heels, which they did and from there, the faces were standing tall. This was done all in the span of three minutes and it makes me want to slam my head down. Seriously, I don’t know what drives me nuts more, the New York Yankees losing or stuff being done in three minutes.


Now this is when I have to get brutally honest here, but what the hell has happened to Monday Night Raw since the Shakeup happened back in April? A lot of people say that they can’t take Alexa Bliss seriously as champion, a lot of people say that three hours is too long and everything seems forced and a lot of people say that creative is the problem. Here’s my issue with Monday Night Raw and how I feel about it and again, I think I should say that these are my opinions and ONLY my opinions.


When the draft happened One Year Ago in July, I was Team RAW, but originally I wanted to be teamed Smackdown for Selfish reasons due to me wanting Finn Balor and Shane McMahon on the show. That wasn’t meant to be because Finn would end up on Monday Night Raw. I was Team RAW, not because of him, it was the fact that I was seeing history happen in the Women’s Division despite Sasha Banks and Charlotte being the only two until Bayley came along. I remember people ALWAYS bitching and moaning about Sasha and Charlotte this, Sasha and Charlotte that. While I was annoyed with it, I got used to it because if it was not for them always ping ponging the title back and forth, we wouldn’t have had the Hell In the Cell, the Iron Women, the Falls Count Anywhere (Which was the second, not the first) and so forth.  You can ask Dave how critical I was of smackdown in the early stages and you can ask him everything I said about why I didn’t like smack down to begin with which will be a different blog for another day on why I didn’t like smackdown then like I do now.


Ever since the split, I feel like RAW is in deep trouble with the division. I feel like this is not Alexa Bliss’s fault because she’s doing the best she can as champion and I respect what she’s trying to do. I feel like the fault in this whole entire situation is creative. Why that Smacksdown is is doing better than RAW all of a sudden? Why is that Smack down is getting all positive reviews and Raw gets shit? Is it getting that BAD they have to rush everything together? While I do feel bad for all of those Women on Monday Night Raw, I feel like SOMEBODY needs to open their mouth and express their thoughts about what’s going on, especially Mickie James because she’s the veteran of the group and a veteran obviously needs to speak up.


Honestly, creative for Monday Night Raw needs a good BOOT in the ass, especially with the Women’s Division. I understand that time is short, but those girls bust their ass and try to make everything well. Now, I don’t know what’s going to happen at Great Balls of Fire, but I have a bad feeling about what MAY happen.


So what are your thoughts on Monday Night Raw? Do they need something done? How could they get it back together? Leave your thoughts on this and be respectful.

Thanks for Reading.



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