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Meagan’s Corner #02 – Women’s Money in the Ban...
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Hello everyone, and welcome back to Meagan’s Corner. I thought having a second entry of this would come at the right time this time because of controversy that happened last night at Money in the Bank. For warning, this maybe a strong opinioned blog regarding what happened last night. You may or may not agree with me and that’s cool. I’m just giving a warning before I go further. With that being said, let’s get to the show.


Last night was Money in the Bank and surprisingly so, I was actually ready for a Smackdown Pay per View. Yes, I’ve been watching Smackdown as of late because my favorites are on the show (Even though I do have favorites in Finn Balor, Alexa Bliss, and Sasha Banks, Smackdown has more of my favorites than three on their show), but with this one, it was history making because of the first ever Women’s Money in the bank. I was very happy that this was announced because they were finally about to do this match and I hoped that it would make up for the disappointing Kendo Stick on a pole match one show prior towards this one.


The hype of the match was real and I was even getting emotional during the video package. The WWE Women’s Division has come a long way since the days of when I started watching it back in the year 2000. When Renee Young said on the preshow last night that this match was going to open the show, I knew off the bat that the fans would be into this match. It happened at Backlash last year where the six pack challenge opened up and Becky was crowned champion. They were into that match. I knew I was because it was history making and I do like that type of stuff.


We finally get to the show and I was ready that I had my phone to snapchat my moments of what happened in the back. If you guys listened to the WOW Candy Visuals Podcast on Saturday, Kris and Dave picked Charlotte while I was the loner of picking Carmella. Don’t want to spoil that just yet, but I do have to say for a history making event. All of the women looked good, but my pick of the night was this women right here.



Charlotte had the best ring gear of the night and I’m glad she did purple. I actually hope WWE did a photoshoot with her in that because it looked stunning, but knowing, they are stingy when it comes to shoots (see first Meagan’s corner for more details)


The match itself was actually pretty decent. Most of the girls had their spots and so forth. Tamina really did a good job in the match and I liked how she tipped the ladder over with Charlotte and Carmella on it. The leg in the ladder was also a good spot with Carmella and Charlotte. I kind of expected more from Becky and Nattie because I actually wanted to see one of them do their submissions on the ladder or in the ladder. Can you imagine the reaction that would’ve got if Becky used the dis-arm-her in the ladder on Carmella or Nattie doing a Sharp shooter ON TOP of the ladder on Tamina? That would’ve been crazy and since we are talking about spots, I really wanted to see Charlotte do the figure eight on one of the girls in the ladder or her crazy moonsaults she’s known for doing, which I thought was cool as you can see right here.


And finally, I really wanted to see Tamina do a tribute to her father because it was Father’s Day and her father passed away recently. That would’ve got the biggest pop of the night in my honest opinion of her doing that)


Now here comes the controversy of the whole entire show and this is where everyone got very upset, me especially, but I will explain my reasons down the line here. Becky was in the ring and she was looking to climb the ladder and get the Money in the Bank, but all of a sudden, we see freaking James Ellsworth at the bottom of the ladder, tipping the damn thing over.


I sat on my bed, pleading with Becky or SOME to come in the ring, grab him, toss him out or do SOMETHING to prevent him from doing something. As soon as Becky was off the ladder, he looked at Carmella and climbed the damn thing himself. Yes, Carmella was down on the ground, and he was on the ladder. That’s when I was pleading for someone to come in and tip the ladder, but it was too late. The son of a bitch grabbed the briefcase and gave it to her. Charlotte’s reaction was the best reaction and I’ve been using that screen cap of her.


That reaction will be used when something’s messed up or when my favorite sports teams lose their game, especially the Yankees.


I hoped that the decisions was going to be reversed and the match would restart, but it was not. There was no DQ’s or anything and the match was final. There was a lot of outrage going on twitter, everyone expressed their opinions about this, and there as even some of them that were fine with this that furthers storyline. While looking into some things, I’ve noticed an interesting observation online regarding this and they compared it to what Maryse did at the first Money in the Bank Pay per View by trying to help Ted Dibiase at the time. I looked at the video and studied it to get some notes in and here’s what was different from the controversy.

  1. Maryse did go in the ring, climbed the ladder and was trying to reach it. She didn’t bring it down because she was caught next by John Morrison.

  1. John Morrison grabbed her and prevented her from doing anything and told her to get out of the ring because she was not supposed to be in this match.

  1. Maryse distracted Morrison and had Dibiase go up the ladder and try to get the briefcase, but was unsuccessful with that.


WWE should’ve had done that situation where one of the women should’ve grabbed Ellsworth, bring him down and tell him to get out of the ring, leading to Carmella possibly going up the ladder and being unsuccessful the first time around before her actually winning it without Ellsworth. This is just my personal opinion, but as a fan of Carmella, I felt like this was her chance to prove herself. In her package, she did say this was a chance to prove herself and she had that chance to grab the case on her own, but Thanks to Ellsworth, she’s holding the briefcase.


A lot of people say said last night that this was to further the storyline with Carmella and Ellsworth to bring more heat to the both of them and it would make people tune in to see what happens from here, and it bringing to a BIG SITUATION with Ellsworth and have someone go against him. I’m fine with storylines and seeing what could happen next, but here’s my issue with this whole entire thing and I should state once again, this is only my opinion.


This was supposed to be a “historic event” with the first Women’s Money in the Bank match, and I wanted it to be a memorable one. I felt like Carmella should’ve been the one shining the in the light finally instead of Ellsworth being the one making history for her. I just felt like it was a slap in the face to everyone that wanted to see this match that’s been hyped up pretty good.


At the end of the day, the decision’s final and we cannot change the fact that this happened. We can still vent our frustrations or show approval of the situation that happened. It makes you wonder what will happen on Smackdown tomorrow night with this being addressed, but for now. Carmella’s your first ever “Miss Money in the Bank”, which lead to me actually being right.



So what you think about this whole controversy regarding Money in the Bank? Do you agree what happened? Do you disagree what happens? What do you think will happen with Carmella and the win?


With that being said, Smackdown should be pretty interesting tomorrow night, that’s for sure.


Thanks for Reading



One response to “Meagan’s Corner #02 – Women’s Money in the Bank Controversy”

  1. Chris says:

    I wanted Carmella to win, and I’m happy she did, I just don’t like Ellsworth, never did. I’m 50/50 with the ending it was a decent match though and I hope Carmella can become champion in the future.

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