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Photoshoot Flavors: The Force of Nature Series
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Welcome back to WOW Opinion and welcome back to my critiques. For those of you that know me, I’m Meagan and I’m apart of this blog. I want to apologize for the lack of updates for the past couple of weeks because of work and not having time to update. Now that I have the time to talk about stuff, I think it’s time for me to cover the recent shoots that have happened and that is the Knockout Shoots that went down called the “Forces of Nature”. I will give my thoughts on these photoshoots right now.


Now, everyone that knows me that I’m a pain in the ass when it comes to photoshoots and since the Knockout Photoshoots were kind of a big thing back then, I would always ask if there were any and would take the “L” if they weren’t any. Needless to say, we got shoots in 2013 more often up into the end of 2014 where there was none, then we got little in 2015 and none in 2016. 2017 proved to be a different year as the GFW section on the site picked up and the shoots happened again. From August to October, the GFW KO’s starred in a series called “Forces of Nature”.


Unlike my past shoot reviews, I’m going to talk about the pros and cons about this series. That way I’ll be talking about what I liked and didn’t like about this series.


Starting off with the Pros.


Pros: I like the fact that each Monday or in Diamante’s case, Tuesday. The shoots were coming out each week and gave us anticipation for the next one. It wasn’t an everyday thing because if it was, there would’ve been none for weeks to come. I also like the fact that the white background like how they used to do the shoots in were not used. White backgrounds got annoying and it didn’t stand out for them that much. I thought each girl represented the shoot with ease and it flowed well with what they were doing, some of the girls were into the shoots and had fun. That’s what I liked about the shoot. Once I’ll get to the end, I will say who my favorites from the shoots was.


Onto the cons and there is going to be a lot of them that I will number and not put in a big paragraph.


  1. Anticipation: Impact/GFW has a bad tendency in doing this and this was the first thing that came across my mind when Laurel’s shoots out first. She had the video and when she mentioned it was going to be a photoshoot, the excitement was there, but when the link was posted, it was just the video and Laurel was posting it on social media. Needless to say, the shoot was posted, but the link ended up being a dead link. Her shoot is on WOW Candy Visuals that you can view here.
  2. Don’t put merchandise out just yet: Another issue that I came across was GFW putting out the photos of the Knockouts in a bundle. It had the ones that were advertised in the shoots, with the addition of Taya, Tayrn and Karen. If those three were going to be added to the shoots then make sure you add them into the bundle pack too. You want to know the craziest thing about this? The bundle of the pics are 35 dollars. Now this leads me to the next problem I found here.
  3. Advertised Knockouts get no shoots: Now here’s where I have an issue with this thing. As I stated before that Taya, Taryn and Karen were not in the photo bundle, but they got shoots while Rosemary and Sienna, who looked like could’ve been the best shoots of the bunch, did not get their shoots released here. Here is my issue with this and this stems back to 2014 where ODB was apart of the shoots for the 2015 Calendar, but she was released and not put in the calendar. Rosemary and Sienna are apart of these shoots and with GFW saying that the shoot of Karen and McKenzie were the last ones, it’s kind of a punch in the gut.


Those were my pros and cons of the shoots. As for my favorites, I will tell you who was my favorite out of them and give the top five.


  1. Taya’s Force of Fire: (
  2. Laurel’s force of Water (
  3. Taryn’s Force of Earth (
  4. Gail’s Force of Wind  (
  5. Allie’s Force of Wind. (


All the shoots were pretty good and I enjoyed them. So I’m going to leave this to you. Which shoot did you guys like the most? Whose you preferred better? Leave me some thoughts and I will see you guys next time around.


Meagan Out.

Photoshoot Flavors: Fourth of July Knockouts
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Welcome to the First Edition of Photoshoot Flavors. This is a section on the site where Me (Meagan) is going to critique the photoshoots that came out despite us rarely getting shoots these days. The first one I’m going to critique is the Brand New Knockouts Photoshoot that came out today for the Fourth Of July called “Fourth of July Knockouts”.


Before I get started, let me give a rundown on the ratings I will be giving once I’m done. They will be Sweet, Bland, or Sour. Sweet for being the best of the bunch, Bland for being in the middle, and Sour for being not that good. Let’s get this started and I should state that these are only my opinions on these shoots. I don’t get paid for writing these at all.


First, I want to say that it’s about time that there are Knockout Photoshoots coming out once again as these are the first ones since 2014 where we actually had to vote for a Knockout to be on a banner. That was Rebel, and it caused some type of controversy with the voting as some people were not happy with the end result. Other than that, I’m totally glad that Lee South is back and I hope his shoots are posted more often now.


However, with this being the first photoshoot of the Knockouts (Along with Eli Dark and ECIII) there is a little bit of a disappointment I have with this shoot. First off, anyone that knows me knows that I really don’t like group shots because it doesn’t show all of the person. In this case, it shows everyone grouped in, but in this case, it’s not bunched together. The first group shot was McKenzie Mitchell and Laurel Van Ness. I do like the shot, but I’m not feeling McKenzie in this shoot. Laurel out does her here in this photo and looks better out of the two. The pose is cute with the outfits, but Laurel outshines her here. However, with Eli Drake, the shot looks really dull considering that Eli’s a good looking guy. I expected more from the shot or expected a different photo, but this one is just bland. Going onto their group shot with Gail Kim and Ali, I feel like Allie out does them all.


Speaking of Allie and Gail Kim, let’s talk Allie’s shoot with ECIII first since Gail was only in one group shot. Allie looks pretty cute in her Knockouts Photo with the Knockouts, but her photo with ECIII looks OK, but not that good. I feel like it’s odd despite looking the best she can in the shoot and the holding of the flag with one hand doesn’t do for it. Gail on the other hand in her Knockouts photo looks good, but I have no clue why she’s doing that face for this because it doesn’t suit well for the shoot.


Now for the solos, and this is one of my biggest pet peeves, but everytime there is a solo shoot comes out, its only one pic. In this case, it’s a one pic shoots. In order from which I liked the most to which one I didn’t like at all.


Gail Kim: Personally, Gail had the better solo shot. I loved the pose, her outfit and the over the shoulder look pose. It really suited her and I considered this one of her best shots from her past Fourth of July shoot. I really loved it.


Laurel Van Ness: I was conflicted between her and McKenzie, but I had to go with Laurel’s as my second. I loved how she stood out here and I liked how beautiful she looked in this shoot. The vest was a good prop to have and I liked how she held it as the prop.


McKenzie Mitchell:  Not going to lie, I kind of expected a better shot from her, but at least I got a better view of what her outfit turned out to be, but the pose kind of looks bland and her facial expression doesn’t really do, but it wasn’t a bad shot overall. Wanted to see a better shot.

Allie: As much as it pains me to say it and I do love Allie, but this shot fell flat. Again as I said before, it sucks not having more than one photo, but I believe that another photo for Allie could’ve been her winning shot. The pose it just boring and I feel like there could’ve been a different one. I liked how she look, but this one wasn’t the one that one it for me.


So where do I rank this shoot? Where do I give this one?


Meagan ranks it: Bland.


The reason why I say bland is most of the shots were boring and that I didn’t feel most of the photos that were taken such as the shot with McKenzie, Eli and Laurel and Allie’s solo shot. The ones that saved it from falling down was Gail, Laurel and Allie (In her shot with the Knockouts) from being a full on sour dud.


So now I’m going to leave it to you guys, What do you rank this shoot?


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