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Photoshoot Flashback – Moulin Knockouts
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Welcome to the first edition of Photoshoot Flashback. This is a series of where we will look back in time for photoshoots that happened in the past. As suggested by Dave, I will be looking back at photoshoots that happened back years ago and see how much my opinion from then to now has changed on it and what could’ve happened. Since today is Valentine’s Day, I thought this would be a better way to kick off the first edition by taking look back at the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Photoshoot done in 2013 called “Moulin Knockouts”.


Prior towards Valentine’s Day, a video came out of a photoshoot that was put together by Christy Hemme, who has been phenomenal to all of us at WOW Candy Visuals for many years. The shoot looked very promising and exciting. I’ll admit, I wasn’t too big on the past Valentine’s Day photoshoots that impact did, but this was something I was waiting for. While the video turned out to be amazing, I was sort of disappointed with the photos.


OK, I’m not going to lie here, all the girls looked amazing. The best of the shoot was Gail Kim, Velvet Sky, Mickie James and Taryn Terrell, but the problem I had with this shoot and Dave can vouch for me when I say this. I personally felt that the shoot was too group shot heavy over solo shots. While looking at this shoot and critiquing them for WOW at the time, it was hard to find out who popped out the most. One girl could be working the shot over the other and we needed to see more, which was also a problem.


I’m not the type of person to put the blame on anyone because to me, I felt all the staff members tried our best to work with little. When the photoshoot came out in February of that year, only little pics came out. We needed to see more and more solos. Not having that much solos also didn’t help us because we wanted to see how much more there was. Also, we were very disappointed in the lack of Madison Rayne solo shots because to be honest, she did look best. (It was understandable what was going on)


When it was all set and done, our critique was up, and we did the best we can. Christy did well her first round of these photoshoots as they got better along the way. Judging back to my opinion then, I was ready to see the full shoots, but looking back to my opinion now, I felt it was a little bit of a disappointment photo amount wise.


Thanks for Reading my first edition!