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Meagan’s Corner #11: The Wrong Name For A Women’s Battle Roy...
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“The thunder rolls
And the lightning strikes” – Garth Brooks/All that Remains


I know I opened up with a song lyrics to my blog, but these past forty-eight hours, I feel like thunder’s was rolling and bringing the lighting as well on Twitter. Now, I’m just going to give a little bit of a heads up here regarding my blog. This is just my opinion on this whole entire thing I felt like talking about. Hell, I need to talk about it. Here we go and I’m going to bite the bullet talking about this.

For the first time EVER in WWE history, we are about to have five Women’s matches in Wrestlemania history. Yes, that makes me happy and as a women’s wrestling fan, it makes me thrilled. A couple of years ago, we were very lucky to even get two women’s matches let alone five. We are making progress in the Women’s Evolution, right?

Or as we think we are.

Last night on WWE Raw, it was announced that for the first time for Wrestlemania, we are going to have a battle royal named after someone. It was rumored for a long time and personally, after the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, I was excited. If the men can have an Andre the Giant Battle Royal and a Royal Rumble in the same year, the women can have one as well. While watching RAW, they honored the Fabulous Moolah with a video package, I thought this was just for Women’s History month, but prior towards this, they already did honor someone for the month. I was listening and looking at all of the women talking about Moolah until the end of the video package where it was announced that at Wrestlemania, the women from Raw, Smackdown and NXT will be competing in the first ever…..

“Fabulous Moolah battle Royal!”

Of course, I was excited for this because everyone that’s not in a championship match, tag match or singles match are competing in it and I was excited for the Wrestlemania fashions (I mean, come on, the ring attire is the best part of Mania. WWE, you better release a photoshoot of this), but at the same time, it clicked in my head and what clicked in my head was.

“This is not going to end well with anyone considering that Moolah did some horrible stuff when she was alive”

Boy was I right about this because this caused the biggest thunderstorm out there. Twitter was on fire with this, they were angry as they have every right to be angry. I was going to say something, but I couldn’t find the proper words to say anything on this situation. I was upset about the fact that WWE is preaching moving forward with the Women’s Evolution, but they took a BIG STEP backwards with this, especially with the whole #MeToo Movement that is going on these days.


However, at the same time, I get what WWE is doing. They want to honor someone that did a lot for wrestling despite everything and she was one of them, but you could’ve had a different name to honor the women. Chyna was the first one that came to mind because she was the one that broke ground, you could’ve had Alundra Blayze’s name for the battle royal. Hell, you could’ve named it the Molly Holly Battle royal, and everything would’ve been fine. Someone said in a group I was in that Monday was a bad day for WWE in PR, but honestly, if they are going to wipe the likes of Chris Benoit out because he murdered his family and himself, they wiped Hulk Hogan out because he said the “N” word. What is so hard with looking at what Fabulous Moolah did in the past and changing the name to something everyone can agree on?

Speaking of which, there is a Petition going around to change the name to something different instead of this. I encourage people to sign it and let the WWE know. You guys did it last year when the Smackdown Women’s Championship match was on the preshow and had it moved to the main show. I would be surprised if WWE caves in for the name change on this one.


Bottom line is this. I’m mixed on this whole entire thing, but I will say this. I’m glad that each girl is going to be featured on this card and I said before when I got to the details that I’m happy that we have more than two matches on this show.


So I’m going to lead this to you guys. How do you feel on this whole entire thing? Should the name be changed or leave it the way it is? Also, a little bit of a cheap plug here, if you want to everything else that’s happened, I recommend purchasing the book Sisterhood of the Squared Circle, which is a very good read. Here’s the link:


Thanks for reading this everyone and I do hope the change happens for the sake of everyone.



Meagan’s Corner #10: Summer Rae and Emma’s Releases
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Welcome back to another edition of Meagan’s Corner. This is episode ten and I just have to talk about what happened yesterday regarding the releases of Darren Young, Summer Rae, and Emma. Personally, I’m kind of sad and normally, I don’t get sad due to releases, but Emma and Summer’s ones just make me very upset at the fact that these girls were underutilized and the potential was there and they had to use it. Boy, do I feel like WWE messed this one up with the both of them.


Now for starters, I wasn’t a big fan of the both of them like I am with Charlotte, Finn Balor, Alexa Bliss and AJ Styles, but I did want the both of them to succeed here. Infact, Summer was one of the girls I became a fan of and admired the fact that she was a good manager to Fandango and had a lot of fun watching those two, but it was Emma that captivated me the most when she had the bubbly gimmick. I thought to myself that “Oh hey, she’s just like me and a goofball. I can dig this”. Hell, their dance off in NXT had to be the most greatest stuff there was out there and I still laugh to this day.


Wrestling wise, I only saw Summer Rae wrestle a few people such as Kaitlyn, being a part of that tag team match at Survivor Series four years ago and the following night one raw. She wasn’t the best, but boy, when she went out there, she shined because her charisma was there. Over in NXT where Emma still was, she has matches that people seem to forget and that match was Paige vs. Emma for the NXT Women’s Championship at Arrival. That match should’ve defined her and it sucks that credit it not given with those two. Even though I do have respect for the Four Horsewoman, the credit should be on Emma and Paige. However, ever since that match, both Emma and Summer’s career on the main roster went down a little bit.

While Summer was still with Fandango, Emma was paired with Santino and I didn’t get behind the gimmick with him. Why make something that was fun in NXT turn into a joke? While it was good that the both of them had a feud, I couldn’t get behind it. I was also glad that they had their Wrestlemania match at 30, but I felt like there should’ve been more. As soon as Wrestlemania season went down, Summer was out for the time being and Emma was here and there, until she got wrongfully terminated for something she did until she was rehired back. Summer would return to our screens and feud with Layla over Fandango, but her as a face wasn’t doing it. It was the heel in her that I wanted to come out and it did. It was this promo that had her inner heel come out and it was this one.



I have many more that I like of hers, but that one I do like the most.


2015 came to us and once again, it was trying to figure out what would happen for the both of them in that year, but it took one match and that was the 30 second match that started the “#GiveDivasAChance” movement where Emma took the pin. To me, I felt like more should’ve happened with the both of them. While Emma did go back down to NXT as reinvented her career and turned heel as well as teaming up with Dana Brooke, Summer was here and there until the storyline with Rusev, Lana and Dolph ZIggler. Now I’m going to be honest here, I felt like the both of them were in storylines, but I felt like Summer suffered from this the most. Emma was shining in NXT and rebuilding, Summer was suffered in the end when the storyline came to a halt when it was Lana that sabotaged the whole storyline reveling to TMZ that she was engaged to Rusev in real life. Nothing happened since and when the re-debut of Emma came back in 2016 and Summer and Lana were fighting, I felt like they should’ve capitalized on what happened before and have Summer turn.


Since then, I felt like WWE didn’t bring Summer to her potential. Her promo against Sasha the night after Wrestlemania was awesome and there should’ve been more before she got injured. I was looking forward for what Emma and Dana were going to do on the Main Roster, but Emma got hurt, got this Emmalina gimmick for months until she went back to Emma, but again, WWE had no clue what to do up into the summer were Emma wanted a shot at everything. Yes, she did get squashed by Nia Jax, but after that, she wanted everything to be on here. She defeated Mickie James, and WWE should’ve capitalized on it. She was put in the Fatal Four Way, but was done dirty because they added Bayley to it and made her an afterthought (Thankfully she was not pinned) and had an amazing match against Asuka. If they knew Emma was going to be done with the company, then Asuka should’ve had squashed her. Sometimes, I don’t get WWE.


Now here is my opinion with this and I should let everyone know that this is my opinion. I felt like WWE should’ve of put time and the effort into these two. To me, Lana vs. Summer should’ve had the proper ending, her potential should’ve been used, and she should’ve got the big payoff. Same goes for Emma as she went through the injuries, she had the theme song changes, she went back to NXT and she had the gimmicks that were nonsense, but WWE didn’t do that. Instead, they focus on someone that isn’t WWE Championship material instead of focusing on the ones that SHOULD get that push. Sorry, I came across rude, but I just had to be honest.


In the end, I cannot change anything and I’m still sad by this. I wish Summer and Emma luck in whatever they do next. I’m sure they will shine.


However, I do like to send a message to Lio Rush, who put a tweet out there that was uncalled for. It’s not funny when someone loses their job. It could happen to anyone, especially you. You have a lot of respect and trust to earn back after today.


That’s all I have to say. Thanks for reading.

Meagan Out.

Meagan’s Corner #09: Mae Young Classic Round One Thoughts
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Welcome back to another edition of Meagan’s Corner. Here we are with Episode nine and it’s going to
be about the Mae Young Classic. But first, I want to give an apology for the late entry blog regarding
what I wanted to see regarding Sasha Banks having a good run as champion. I didn’t know that this was
going to happen so soon and let me tell you this, I’m not happy about the sudden change as well. In
entry ten, I will talk about my frustrations about the hot potato and how someone like Sasha should get
a longer reign as champion.

Going back on topic since normally I do go off topic, I’m going to talk about the Mae Young Classic first
round matches and what I thought of them and then at the end of the section, I will give my thoughts on
what match was the better of each episode, who I thought was impressive, and rank the episode
matches that I liked. I should state this these are my opinions of what will happen and how it will go


Episode One:


In this episode, you had the following match up.



Kay Lee Ray and Princesa Sugehit was an interesting match to start off the night to say at least and an
interesting one to start off the round. I’ve seen KLR wrestle before when I watched SHIMMER back
during Wrestlemania 31 weekend and I knew that she was going to be a hit. This was my first time
seeing Princesa Sugehit and I was also impressed with her. I liked the styles in the match up and how
they were matched up. Decent match up with Sugehit winning. The following match was Serena Deeb
vs. Vanessa Borne. The last time I saw Serena wrestle was back at SHIMMER 53 in New York. I was glad
that she was back in the ring and she looked like she didn’t miss a beat. However, I wasn’t too sure with
Vanessa Borne. Something about her was off with me, but I did like the fact that she did the best she can
against Serena, but in the end it was Serena winning the match. Shayna vs. Zeda was a matching styles
match with submission backgrounds. This is the first time I saw Shayna wrestle and getting used to her
as this was my first time seeing Zeda wrestle. I was impressed with the both of them and how they’ve
matched up. In the end, it was Shayna winning the match, but I was impressed with Zeda too. I could see
her be on television soon because she has a nice look. The final matchup of this episode was Abbey Leith vs. Jazzy Gabert. I’m familiar with the both of them because Abbey wrestled here locally and made a big
name for herself. Same with Jazzy too and she did appear on Impact Wrestling back three years ago, but
it was being Chris Sabin’s bodyguard at the time (Typical TNA), but this match up what intriguing and
had me on the edge of my seat the whole entire time. This was the perfect example of taller vs. smaller
and it was a good story. I personally thought Jazzy was going to win here, but was fine with Abbey
winning this match. The both of them looked strong and I did like the fact that Jazzy shook Abbey’s hand
in respect. Props to the both of them.


We then went onto Episode two of the show that featured




OK, I’m going to be critical with this episode because some of the matches didn’t click for me. I’ll try my
best to be nice as I can here, but I feel like I need to express myself. The first match of this round was
Mercedes Martinez vs. Xia Li. Sixteen year Veteran vs. A First match. Now, I have respect for Mercedes
Martinez and I’m very happy that she’s apart of this. I always enjoyed her matches, especially the
matches with Jessicka Havok in WSU, but this match with Xia Li, I didn’t care for. I’m also going to give
Xia the props too, but something did not click regarding her. I know people were giving her props, but I
felt disappointed. Needless to say that Mercedes did win this match and moved on, but I feel like Xia
does have potential, but needs more work. Nobody can become the best overnight. Another match I felt
was another disappointment was Marti Belle vs. Rachel Evers. I know Marti Belle more than Rachel
Evers, but to me, this match was disappointing to say at least. I do have to give credit where it’s due
because Marti suited well as the heel here and she was doing that well, but something didn’t click here.
Needless to say that Rachel did win the match and moved on. The next match that was a little bit better
was Rhea Ripley vs. Miranda Salinas. These were my first time seeing these two wrestled and I was
impressed with Rhea Ripley the most here. Again, like Xia, Miranda has potential and I hope she will
blossom as well. The final match on the card had to be the better match on this card and that was Mia
Yim vs. Sarah Logan and the plus side about this? They’ve wrested each other before. The last time I saw
Mia Yim was on Impact as Jade and her matches against Rosemary was amazing. Sarah’s look is totally
different and I do like the hunter look. It’s something you’ve never seen before in a women and I think
she has an amazing chance to be on television. I was hooked with this match and it could’ve went either
way, but in the end, It was Mia Yim winning with a tribute to Gail Kim. That was touching because I
respect the hell out of Gail Kim and adore her. Props to Mia for using that move and props to Sarah for
having an amazing match with her as well.


The third episode had to be one of my favorite episodes of this because of the match ups. In this round
you have the following facing off against each other.




The first match up with Ayesha Raymond and Toni Storm was a match that I was going to see Toni Storm
face off for the first time. I saw her work and I was impressed. Her look has to be the best one and its
unique. Sort of like a Becky Lynch punk rock type with the hat. Ayesha I wasn’t familiar with, but I was
impressed with her. Both of these girls looked great in this match up, but I could see why Toni Storm
moved on because she is that good at what she does. Kudos to Ayesha as well. The second match was
Dakota Kai going against Kavita Devi. Honestly, this match was not the one I would expect Dakota would
go over in because I was actually expecting Kavita as well. Kavita did surprise me and she did impress,
but I feel like she does need more work. I was glad to see Dakota be in a WWE ring and she did look
impressive as well. Match was fairly good and Dakota won with the double foot stomp. I like Dakota
now. The next match of the night was Sage Beckett vs. Bianca Belair. Now prior towards this match, I did
watch Bianca’s match against Aliyah to qualify for this, and I didn’t know the hype behind her besides
her slapping the shit out of someone with her hair. I didn’t get what the hype was at first because I
wasn’t on the train with that. Sage Beckett I respect the hell out of because like me, we both have
polycystic ovarian syndrome, and she doesn’t let that bother her. So I had to see this match for myself
and boy, Bianca impressed the hell out of me. Potential in both those girls and I see the both of them
have a great future in WWE. Sage was impressive as well and improved big time from her early days.
The final matchup of the night and the match I felt like was the match of the entire round. Piper Niven
vs. Santana Garrett. I love Santana Garrett as she is one of my favorite independent workers, so of
course I had to go out there and root for her. Piper I was unfamiliar with, but she impressed the hell out
of me. This match had me on the end of my seat because I didn’t know who was going to win. After a
missed attempted of the shining star press, Piper was able to win the match and go onto the second
round. Hell of a match and Piper won me over.


However, before I go to the last round, I just have to say something and its about these disgusting
comments I’ve seen about Piper. Not all girls are going to be blonde haired, blue eyes and perfect tens.
We come in all shapes and different sizes and the comment said about her was totally wrong. Hell, I bet
YOU can’t move like she can and if you went in that ring, you wouldn’t last two minutes.


The final episode of the round featured the following people as this one had star power in with two
people. The match ups were:




We start the episode with Candice LaRae aka Candice Wrestling going against Renee Michelle. I know
Candice is married to Johnny Gargano and I did see her wrestle before. Renee Michelle I heard of, but
this was the first time I saw her wrestle and considering that I am a fan of Candice, I was pulling for her.
Her match with Renee was decent to say at least, but part of me didn’t feel this match up. I thought the
pace was slow, but in the end it picked up. Candice won the match and moves on. The second match
was Taynara vs. Lacey. This was the first time I was seeing this match up and I was wondering how this
was going to go down. It was a surprisingly good match up, and I do have to say that the both of them
could be on NXT in the future. It’s not often we see a pinup USA gimmick and a blackbelt gimmick, but
these two can play it well. Lacey won this match, but Tanynara did a wonderful job here as well. The
third match up was Nicole Savoy vs. Reina Gonzalez and personally, I have to ask a question. What in the
world is up with Reina’s eye patch? She has a pretty face, but the eye patch doesn’t do justice for her.
Something was off in this match and I wasn’t feeling it. It was also said that Nicole did suffer an injury
which I understood and I knew Reina was working on the leg, but this match didn’t just click for me
despite Nicole winning. The final match of the tournament was Kairi Sane vs. Tessa Blanchard. Like
Candice and Renee’s match, it started out slow, but it picked up for a back and forth contest. I was
impressed with Tessa here despite what people say about her and Kairi was also impressive as well. In
the end it was Kairi winning the match and moving on, leading to Tessa breaking down and hugging
Kairi. I would be emotional as well because having a women’s tournament means something a lot, so I
can understand Tessa.


SO now I gave the thoughts on the match up, I’m going to say out of each episode was the better match.
Episode One: Abbey Leith vs. Jazzy Gabart: The perfect example of a David vs. Goliath situation and who
was going to overpower one another. This just showed in this match up with Abbey Leith being the one
to win the match.


Episode Two: Mia Yim vs. Sarah Logan: I said that I didn’t care for the other matches despite me being a
fan of Mercedes Martinez, but this one was the one that would win it all for me.


Episode Three: Santana Garrett vs. Piper Niven: I know that this is a biased pick here, but I did think this
match stole the entire episode and the show. Piper showed why she was not going to be denied while
Santana showed heart and determination.


Episode Four: Taynara Conti vs. Lacey Evans: Different Personalities and skills. I would’ve picked Kairi
Sane vs. Tessa Blanchard, but I think this one was a bit better for me because of Lacey and Taynara being
different and having different skills.


The top ten that impressed were.
1. Piper Niven
2. Jazzy Gabart
3. Kairi Sane
4. Santana Garrett
5. Mia Yim
6. Toni Storm
7. Bianca Belair
8. Taynara Conti
9. Lacey Evans
10. Zeda


Matches I preferred by episode
1. Episode 3
2. Episode 1
3. Episode 4
4. Episode 2.


So those are my thoughts regarding the first round. Ill talk about the second round when I watch it.
Don’t forget that these are my opinions and only my opinions. Until Next time…


Meagan Out

Meagan’s Corner #08: Both Women’s Championships Have New Lea...
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Welcome back to another edition of Meagan’s Corner. I’m back with another edition of this blog and I
think it would be time to write this after Summerslam. I didn’t do this last week because I wanted to
wait until everything is calmed down. The 30th annual Summerslam has come and go and now we are
going to be in the Fall months.


Before I go into my blog, I shall bring up a couple of things. First off, I was happy that Finn Balor busted
out the Demon again for his match against Bray Wyatt. I always enjoy the Demon character because it’s
a special feeling considering that I saw it a couple of years ago for NXT back in 2015 here in Philadelphia.
I should mention that it was a sigh of relief seeing him hold both his arms up considering that he did get
hurt at this very event.



And I should say, that is a MAN (aww)


Another moment that happened was Cesaro going into the crowd and breaking a beach ball.



Seriously, if you are going to play with a beach ball, go to a beach and play with one. I don’t know what
is the habit of people bringing in this balls and causing a distraction during the matches? I applaud
Cesaro for going in there and doing that, but as they say, people never learn as it did happen during
Jason Jordon vs. Finn Balor’s match last night that had me very annoyed.


And finally, another moment was when Brock was down on the ground and under a table thanks to
Reigns, Joe, and Braun causing the damage like it was on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and I thought
he was going to lose that match.



Only for him to come back and retain his title by giving the F-5 to Roman Reigns to win his match.



The anti-Reigns fans went home happy while some of us that want to see a full time champion were left


Now I got that out of the way, let’s talk about the main topic of the title. We do have new champions.
Smackdown having Natalya and Raw having Sasha as the new champions on their brands. The first
match of the night between the both of them was Natalya vs. Naomi with Natalya being the first one out
of the both of them.


Then it was Naomi who was out next for the both of them.



The match itself was really good and I thought that this was Naomi’s better showing during her reign as
Women’s Champion. I’m not the biggest Natalya Fan, but I think she looked good as well entrance wise
and ring attire wise. The both of them have some good chemistry with one another and it showed in this
match. Personally, I thought Natalya had her at some point during the sharp shooter and I thought
Naomi had her at a couple of points, but it was this move that turned the point in the match that lead to
Natalya winning the championship.



I’ll leave my thoughts on Natalya winning the title when I’m done the RAW part, but I felt bad for Naomi
in the end too. She worked hard despite her second run being a dud and wanted to give her a hug after
the match because I felt bad for her.



For the Raw Women’s Match, we had Sasha Banks come out of the back first, wearing some cool looking



With the second one being Alexa out of the back as she looked really good in Pink.



As someone that’s a fan of the both of them, I thought this match was decent, but I still prefer their
Great Balls of Fire match because that was a fun one. This match was an Alexa mostly dominated match,
but I was surprised to see some of the moves that she was busting out. The Double knees of the top
rope into the Insult to Injury was awesome, the fact that Sasha was not giving up was a good story to
tell, the first Bank statement leading to Alexa smashing her arm was nicely done and I thought Alexa
would’ve won with this.



But in the end, it was Sasha that locked her up into the Bank Statement and won her fourth Women’s
Championship, tying Charlotte at four. I was fine with either result because I do like Alexa and Sasha (I
keep the peace) and was fine with one of them walking out the champion.



However, I do have to be the one that has to give the opinions and like I always say, these are just my
opinions and I’m going to say what I need to say about these titles changes that happened last week at


Out of those two, I’m for the Sasha Banks one more than the Natalya one. I’m not going to deny the fact
that Natalya busted her ass after all of the shit she’s gone through over the past years since her last run
as champion, but for me, I cannot get behind her. Her feud with Nikki Bella brought out one of her best
promos as a heel and that’s what got me interested in her, but since that and prior towards the brand
split and everything, she wasn’t really doing for me. Now, I’m for giving people a shot and this is what I’ll
do. I will give Natalya the shot to prove herself as champion. If she has a good reign, she has a good
reign as champion and I’ll be for it.


Now for Sasha, I want to see how they would do this considering that I’m for this one. The reason why I
said that is I want her title run to be a long and decent one. Not back and forth with her and Alexa, in
which I do fear will happen because Alexa does have a rematch up and my fear is Sasha will have a short
run as champion. That’s the bad feeling that will happen. Hopefully Sasha will retain the title tonight and
go forward.


That’s what I have to say on those title runs and I want the best out of them. I think Natalya will go at
least 90 days as champion while Sasha could pull a 90 day as well. I should mention that Carmella is
holding the money in the bank for Smackdown and maybe Natalya won’t make it to 90 and Bayley could
fight and say Sasha won the title while she was hurt and having her turn heel (which I doubt because
Sasha fits the heel role better) and maybe she won’t go over 90. These two runs could be interesting.


With that being said, I’m going to lead this to you and there’s going to be a poll at the bottom of this.
Which run do you want to see go longer? Sasha or Natalya. This should be very interesting to say at


Finally, going off topic here regarding Wrestling, but please keep the victims of Hurricane Harvey in your
prayers, especially the people of Texas. They need love and support right now and seeing all of those
photos are very upsetting.

Meagan Out

Meagan’s Corner #07: Booing Bayley For What?
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Welcome back to another edition of Meagan’s Corner. First I want to apologize for the long gap since my last post. There was some stuff I had to do in the real life before me going to Monday Night Raw in Washington, DC, but now that I’m back. It’s time to talk about what happened on Monday Night Raw last night.


And the topic I want to talk about was last night was the fact that once again, Bayley being booed. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Bayley, though I do have to give respect where it’s due for her and the injury that she suffered the week prior does stink big time since we are only a week away from Summerslam and considering that Summerslam could’ve been the moment that she finally got the title back from Alexa or a potential Sasha heel turn the night after Summerslam, but it looks like this won’t happen at all.


While watching the show last night, I heard that there was a lot of booing and she was taken away by it. Trust me, if I was a face, injured and being booed, I would’ve ripped the marks and told them to get in the ring. That would be me, but seeing Bayley’s face and hearing the booing, I can tell she was in shock about it and not really happy about it. Also, the statement about her coming back stronger drew more boos. Honestly, I felt bad for Bayley because she busts her ass to get where she is and injuries do occur when you are in the ring. Accidents happen, but I guess when it comes to someone you dislike being injured, you boo the heck out of them.


So, can someone explain to me the reasons why Bayley’s been booed as of late? I know for a fact that she was booed out of the Royal Farms Arena back at Extreme Rules and that was her moment on her getting extreme and snapping on Alexa Bliss. I know for a fact that her character seems to gone down since her arrival on Raw a year ago, and I know for a fact that WWE doesn’t know what to do with her character on top of that, but can someone explain to me why would you boo her?  Now here is where I come in and give an opinion on this because I have a feeling where this could lead too. Here we go.


The reason why people are beginning not to like Bayley is she’s just a babyface with a character that adults cannot get with. As I stated before, I respect Bayley, but I’m not the biggest fan of her. I feel like her character applies more to children and the children can get behind it. The same thing goes for John Cena, children and women (not me) get behind him while the men don’t. The same goes for Roman Reigns as well. What does Bayley need to do to get cheered once again? I would selfishly say send her back down to NXT because that gimmick worked down there, but it’s not clicking on the main roster, but she’s since graduated from NXT and doesn’t need to go backwards. If WWE does turn her heel, you know how many children would be crying and have their heart breaking to see their hero turn. Those are just some thoughts I have.


Another thing that came into my head was, if Bayley was not injured and she was still going into this match, and considering that Brooklyn is a very tough crowd to be in, how do you think that Brooklyn would’ve reacted to her considering that she had the best performance of a life time two years ago. Would the crowd boo her or no? Those are the questions I have.


Bottom line is this, if you’re portraying a character and you get hurt along the way, you don’t deserved to be booed at all. That’s what the fans in Toronto need to know because anything happens in wrestling and accidents do happen. I wish Bayley well and take all the time she needs to rest up and to the fans that were booing yesterday about her injury, shame on you because if it was someone you liked A LOT, I bet you wouldn’t be booing them.

So what are your thoughts on this? Was it bad that the fans booed her? Leave thoughts


Meagan Out

Meagan’s Corner #06 – The Story Is Just Beginning
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Welcome back to Meagan’s Corner as this is episode six of this. Last Night was Great Balls of Fire and I stated in my 5th edition that somethings needs to happen big and get everyone talking. That actually happened last night, not on RAW as I suggested. So let’s get to the talking about what exactly happened on the show.


If you read Meagan’s Corner #5, I suggested on the Monday Night RAW before Great Balls of Fire that the both of them have some type of promo to hype the match up and get brutal as it can be, leading to a fight. Instead, we got a tag match with Sasha winning the match. Now I have a confession. I didn’t watch the match last week because I was out last week for the Fourth of July Festivities. With that tag match, I wasn’t even looking forward to the match and felt that it wasn’t going to be a good one and a lackluster one on top of that.


Boy, was I wrong with this.


First off, Let’s talk about Sasha and Alexa’s ring attires first since I’m a sucker for ring attire. The both of them looked fabulous with their new ring gears and it was good for the occasion of this match. Really stunning looks and it’s a damn shame that we don’t get photoshoots of them in gears these days, which is the frustrating thing about it.



Now onto the match, I was watching closing about what would happen and how this would go down. After hearing some stuff I had about these two with them not liking each other and going rough, this match was about to be a fight, and not a typical match. Let me tell you something, after everything that happened with Payback and Extreme Rules, this match was needed because it was very good and one of Alexa’s best matches to date. I was on the edge of my seat throughout half of the match until the part where Alexa’s arm possibly came out.



OK, I’ll admit something here. I’m not a fan of bones popping out and seeing blood come out of anyone because I will scream so loud that it’ll hurt your ears and the bad thing about this was I was eating when this happened, so my stomach was in knots. As soon as that fiasco happened, she SLAPPED Sasha right in the face and the match went back to how it was. It was good up into the point where Alexa rolled out of the ring and I said to myself “please don’t end like this”. Well in the end, Alexa was counted out and Sasha won the match that way.


So from there, the disappointment happened because I didn’t want this match to end like this and go down as another RAW match. However that was not the case as Sasha rolled out of the ring and started to fight with Alexa Bliss and let me tell you this, this fight was everything you can imagine. I wanted this to happen due issues that these two had and it showed.



And as soon as they both got on the table, you knew shit was about to pick up and it did. Sasha would eventually push Alexa off the table and she would do the double knees onto her. That was the moment that everyone was talking about and the fight that went down. I was in shock that this happened due to the fact that the last two Women’s Championship Matches were not that good. I was really glad that something like this happened and it was well needed. Hell, this was one of the better matches for the division in a while.



However, on RAW Talk, Sasha went off like a firecracker and what she said made my eyes pop out of my head. I will leave my thoughts on it below after you guys watch the video.



Now these are only just my opinions on this situation and only my opinion on this.
First off, Kudos to Renee Young and Pete Rosenberg for putting Alexa over in a way. Personally, I believe she’s come a long way, but there could be ways to get better as well. The both of them kept it professional as well. Secondly, Sasha saying that stuff kind of made me wonder if she’s going to go heel because it came off that way. It actually made me give Alexa Bliss come sympathy the way it sounded, but it also makes me wonder how Alexa’s going to shout box and thirdly, I personally believe that the rumors with the both of them having trouble are legit because Sasha couldn’t give praise to Alexa.

The only thing I have to say about this whole thing was WOW and I have no other words to put into regarding what happened on RAW Talk.


So now what happens from here? Considering that RAW’s on the road to Summerslam as Great Balls of Fire was the last show before the biggest event of the summer. It makes me wonder what could happen on Monday Night Raw. Does Alexa Bliss respond to what Sasha Banks said? Do the both of them go at it to set up a Summerslam match? This has a lot of questions after a really good pay per view with a silly title to have for an event. This is the first time in a long while that I’m actually excited for what will happen in the Women’s Division.


This is just the beginning for a possibly brutal feud coming our way and I hope they really don’t mess this up. Having Sasha and Alexa go at it at the biggest party of the summer is the match that needs to happen for the RAW brand in the summer time. The events around it has everyone talking and now it’s time to pull the trigger and let these two.

The story is just beginning with these two and this is something everyone wants to see, but knowing WWE, they are bound to disappoint. Let’s wait and see what actually happens to tonight on RAW.


So what do you think will happen? Do you think WWE will do this? Leave thoughts below.


Thanks for Reading.



Meagan’s Corner #05: Bliss vs. Banks: What needs to happen
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Welcome back to Meagan’s Corner, as this is episode five of the blog. I know I went a little dark regarding the last entry, but now it’s time to talk about something that needs to happen regarding what will happen in two weeks’ time and that is the match that is Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks at Great Balls of Fire for the Women’s Championship. A title Alexa Bliss currently holds and a title that Sasha Banks is no stranger too as she has held it three times.



Now I know that this match is going to be going through a fire because there are hardcore fans of both Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss, and we know how the fan bases could get ugly, but for this blog, I’m going to have both sides come together, agree on one thing and that thing is.


This match has to be a bigger improvement then the horrible Extreme Rules match with Alexa Bliss defending the title against Bayley.


On Monday Night Raw this past week, there was a gauntlet match to determine the number one contender to Alexa Bliss’s title and we all know the number one contender became Sasha Banks, however, I should give a quick shout to Nia Jax for busting her ass throughout the match. Yes, I know some people were kind of disappointment that Emma, Dana Brooke and Mickie James didn’t last long and we kind of expected Bayley not winning this, but you have to admit that Nia did a damn good job during that match. Kudos to everyone else as well for making history.


As soon as Sasha Banks won the match, we see Alexa Bliss come out of the back and the both of them had a stare down.



Leading to Sasha Banks drop kicking Alexa Bliss and holding up the title signaling that she could be on her way winning her record tying fourth championship (Obviously, she and Charlotte Flair would hold that title four time). Now, this is not the first time they’ve faced off against each other in matches that had a stipulation or a title match. Infact, there was five occasions that they did face off against each other (one being a fatal four way that I will state below.) Here’s the history of their matches.

June 19th, 2014: Alexa Bliss wins the match thanks to a distraction from Charlotte and Summer Rae at the time.



November 13th, 2014: The infamous match were Sasha busted Alexa’s nose and she won the match



March 18th, 2015: Alexa Bliss wins by count out.



March 25th, 2015: Sasha retains her title over Alexa.


April 17th, 2017: Alexa pins Sasha to become number one contender to Women’s Championship



April 24th, 2017: Sasha wins by countout.



By looking at those matches that aired, the both of them do have history with each other and I know there are rumors out there that the both of them have bad blood. Now I’m not into who has problems with who, but I feel like this match needs to have everyone talking here for the right reasons this time around and here is my opinion on WHAT needs to happen for this match to be talked about.


Considering that we only have this Monday Night Raw coming for the match needing to be build up for great balls of fire, a promo from Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss needs to be cut on one another and make this match to be talked about. Both Alexa and Sasha have phenomenal microphone skills and the both of them need to use them to their ability. Now in order for this to happen, Sasha needs to go in on Alexa Bliss by saying that she was nobody and that Sasha was the champion at the time. She looked down at Alexa and saw only a girl dressed up in a tutu and sprayed dust around like she was in a fairy tale. Even though Sasha’s portrayed as a face, she does have that chance to put Alexa down, but for Alexa, she needs to give a promo to make everyone’s eyes pop out of their heads and put Sasha in her place.


Alexa needs to mention how in NXT, Sasha used to bully her and actually busted her nose open in the process. She also needs to mention that Sasha and the rest of the Four Horsewomen made NXT what it turned out to be, but she didn’t make Alexa Bliss who she turned to be. She didn’t need the match of the year in 2015, she didn’t need the four horse women, she needed her and that’s it and having Sasha take away her title will NOT happen! That’s what needs to happen and the both of them could have some type of brawl to make everyone talk.


Now about the match itself. It has to become the better match of Alexa Bliss’s run as champion as she’s going against Sasha Banks. The reason why I’m saying this is Alexa Bliss’s last two matches against Bayley didn’t cut it for me. OK, let me take that back for a minute. Alexa’s match at Payback was not bad, but I expected better and we know about the match at Extreme Rules that I will not get into. When you go against Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte, you need to step it up and you need to have the best match. That’s what I feel like Alexa Bliss needs to do here.


Now here comes when the opinion that I have on this comes in and once again, I should state that these are only my opinions and that’s that.


Personally, I think this shouldn’t be a one and done deal leading up to Summerslam because if the promo of Alexa and Sasha happens and it gets so intense to the point where the match itself will become a brutal one then you need to have some type of “double disqualification” to have this feud keep on going. Let this match get the time it needs and have the both of them just FIGHT it out, leading to a possible point in the match where they just say “fuck it” and brawl all over the ring until they have to be separated. That way you can keep the feud hot into Summerslam under a stipulation where the title will be on the line. That way people can talk about something positive for once about the RAW division and keep everything hot. We know along the way that Nia Jax could possibly be inserted into this title match, but honestly, I would let Sasha vs. Alexa happen at first and have Sasha win at Summerslam in order for Nia to get the shot. Would make a good story.


Back to Alexa vs. Sasha’s match. Honestly, what I said needs to happen, but I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch. Knowing WWE, what I mentioned won’t possibly happen and WWE’s bound to disappoint with this match, but if they had a brain and the proper creativity, then a double disqualification needs to happen for these two as we go into our Summer months.


So I’m going to ask you guys this question. What do you think needs to happen next week on Raw in order for you to be sold on this match? Give me some thoughts and maybe I will agree with you.


Finally, here is my message to the fan bases of Sasha and Alexa, try not to kill each other. Just hope for the best and hopefully things will go well.


Thanks for reading.



Meagan’s Corner #04: My thoughts on June 24th, 2007
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Welcome back to Meagan’s Corner and this is episode four of the show. Now, this blog’s going to a little bit different from the past three entries I wrote as I will be talking about a certain day that happened some ten years ago on June 24th, 2007 or as I should say “The Darkest Day” of being a wrestling fan. Get ready because this blog could get emotional. So here we go.


June 24th, 2007 seemed to be a typical boring summer afternoon and at the time, I wasn’t allowed on the computer during the times my stepdad would be home because it would cause fights or if he had to go to work on weekends, it would be a 7:30 at Night rule for me to be off. The only form of communication I had at the time was dialing people and speak to people. I didn’t have texting because my mom turned it off and thought it would jack up the phone bill at the time. So this whole entire day was a dull day, until Night of Champions.


Now at the time, DirecTV was the only option of watching stuff and most of had to ask our parents (Yes, we did have to ask our parents for stuff at the time. We didn’t have the network or use streaming these days), and it was expensive as it was close to 60 dollars to even by this stuff. I told my mom that I was going to head out, so I decided to call one of my friends to discuss what was going on and he told me what happened. Prior towards the Women’s Championship Match that Candice Michelle won the Women’s Championship from Melina, my friend mentioned that Chris Benoit was a no show and that Johnny Nitro (Who then turned into John Morrison) took his place and won the ECW Championship against CM Punk. I didn’t know what the hell happened and would figure out as soon as Monday Morning would come about.


Honestly, I didn’t know how the day was and it was limited. I wasn’t interested in some of the stuff that was happening online and the photoshoot that appeared for the 25th was Maryse’s Lime Time which you can check out here. ( Nothing really was going decent until my mom came home and we went out. The computer time was up when I got home with it, but it was time for Monday Night Raw. Of course the big thing that was going on was the Vince McMahon storyline and his “funeral”. That was thing that was happening as well as the fallout from the show the night before. I was settling down and getting ready for what was about to go on until I saw the unthinkable on my television.


It was those “In Memory” pictures that airs before a show goes on air and it was Chris Benoit. The shock that happened from my brother and I was something I would never forget and the tears were real. What happened to Chris Benoit along with his family that were found dead? Here’s the video announcement of his death, which lead to the cancellation of the event taking place.


(Not the best quality)

The crazy thing about this whole entire thing was a couple of weeks prior, my brother saw Chris Benoit when he was on ECW. When the announcement happened, I called a lot of my friends who were wrestling fans and we talked about it. We didn’t know what the hell was going on because there was no twitter and facebook didn’t bring us the news like it does now. We had to wait to find out. However, during Monday Night, I sat there, in disbelief that he was gone and there wasn’t a clue what happened to him.


Until 24 hours later…..


My stepdad for some reason as home that Tuesday and I had to walk to the library to use the computer. I wanted to see what happened for myself, but my mom was able to tell me what happened. He killed his wife, his son and himself in the span of three days. I didn’t want to believe my mom and ignored her until I got into the library to use the computer and the first thing I did was check the news sites. There it was, the news of the killings. My heart sank and I just read the article. My friend who typed me on Myspace told me about it and he was in shock with this as well. I didn’t know what to even think about this because I was in shock. The time on the computer was up and it was time to go home and watch ECW to see what would happen from here. The ten O’clock hour would happen and ECW would come on and from there, we would see Vince McMahon and the announcement that would change everything.



My sadness went from sadness to confusion to anger to asking why. Why would Chris Benoit kill his family? Why would a guy do something like this? WWE took away any mention of him and most of his stuff was gone. They basically wiped everything from him and haven’t mentioned him since. The rest of the week was crazy and I didn’t want to read anything about it. I was pissed off, but still sad at the same thing and those are not the best combinations to have when you’re a wrestling fan.


Ever since then, I have had a lot of thoughts regarding Chris Benoit since WWE doesn’t want to mention him by name, but I should mention that he is indeed in the WWE Encyclopedia version two because he’s apart of history with the titles and such. Here is the one true thought I have if he didn’t commit those crimes and that is…


Would he be a WWE Hall of Famer?

Sure, if he retired back a couple of years ago, I would say he would’ve gone in the class of 2012 to say at least. That’s just an estimate, but honestly, I think that would’ve been too soon for him to go in 2012 if he was still alive to this day, but regardless of what year he went in, he still would be in the Hall of Fame, but because of his crimes, he will not be in the Hall of Fame despite everything he has done for wrestling.


That was the number one thought I had in my head and I wanted to bring that up. So let me ask you guys this question. Where were you on the night of June 24th, 2007 and where did you hear the news of the tragic events?


Thanks for reading everyone and we will get back to the Women’s Wrestling talk the next time around.



Meagan’s Corner #03 – A Monday Night Disaster
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Welcome back once again to another edition of Meagan’s Corner. This is entry number three of this segment within a couple of hours of shows, but I have to talk about what happened on Raw last night and it makes me want to shake my head half of the time, but hey, anything could happen on the way to their pay per view called “GREAT BALLS OF FIRE”


Ok, that was bad enough to start with, but I want to mention a couple of good things that happened on the show. Well, three good things. One being Big Cass’s epic heel turn, which I thought was excellent. Sure, I was a bit sad that they broke up, but if this was a career move, his heel turn was it because god knows what would’ve happened if that wasn’t done. Nothing towards Enzo, but I feel like that was needed. Another being Braun Stroman coming back and attacking Roman Reigns.



But the best part of me had to be the beautiful, sexiest, talented, and GORGIOUS human being on the face of the Earth coming out on Monday Night Raw and facing off against Bo Dallas. You can see who it was by the GIFS .



And he was aggressive by throwing him into the barricade, which makes him sexier



And he won the match and celebrated afterwards which was good for me.


OK, enough of that since I promise Dave that I won’t make this a “All Finn Everything Blog”, Last night’s Raw for the Women was atrocious to say at least and I don’t know how in the hell they were able to pull off some of this stuff considering that there was the big Segment with Enzo and Cass. I understand that they had to get that in, but honestly, they should’ve done the Women match a little early and leave it at that, but let’s be real honest, I’m not in charge of Monday Night Raw.


The first actual women sighting of the night was Maryse because she was in a segment with her husband for MizTV and he wanted to apologize for everything that he’s done and by the way, hearing Maryse’s theme was amazing hearing again.



Honestly, I did not care for the segment though as soon as Dean Ambrose came out. I knew that some type of situation would go down where Dean was going to do something and cause Maryse to get mad again. That’s what I was thinking about, but in the end, it did help Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel because it looks like now they are apart of his entourage. While it brings an interesting situation with Curtis and Bo, what happens to Maryse? Is she still siding with the Miz or is she done? Rumor has it that the reason why they’re not a duo anymore is the gimmick is too similar to Mike and Maria’s gimmick. Um? How? Personally, I enjoyed the due of Maryse and Miz and it shouldn’t have been touched. If it’s not broken, DON’T FIX IT!


Now we go to the cluster of a main event with Sasha and Nia and personally, I have no clue how this was done in three minutes because honestly, it was a mess. The first one out of the back was Sasha Banks, who looked pretty good in her ring attire coming out and every time her theme song kicks in, you just want to bob your head to it.



The next one out of the back was Nia Jax and she was ready to kick some ass in the ring.



Then all of a sudden, the goddess herself, Alexa Bliss comes out of the back and looks fierce as always and it looks like she’s doing some commentary for this match coming up.



However, we had to take a commercial break, but as soon as we got back from the break, it was like a car wreck on an expressway that you don’t know what happened and how you had to puzzle this together. This is what I do know and I’ll try my best to cover everything the best I can. I want to apologize beforehand about me not knowing what happened because it was so fast.



Alexa Bliss was on Commentary while Sasha and and Nia were in the ring fighting and going at it leading to Sasha doing her double knees on Nia.


Then Emma came out and confronted Alexa.



Leading to Alexa being put in the ring and Nia getting disqualified. Nia, Alexa and Emma had some type of stare down, leading to the heels beating down on Sasha Banks.



Then Dana Brooke and Mickie James came out of the back and try to even up the odds



They tried their best to get the heels down, but all of a sudden, we see a returning Bayley come flying out of the back, and making the sides uneven once more. Bayley did what she had to do and she got her revenge in some way on Alexa Bliss



And then it was all the faces from here where they had to pull off their best Power Rangers stuff on the heels, which they did and from there, the faces were standing tall. This was done all in the span of three minutes and it makes me want to slam my head down. Seriously, I don’t know what drives me nuts more, the New York Yankees losing or stuff being done in three minutes.


Now this is when I have to get brutally honest here, but what the hell has happened to Monday Night Raw since the Shakeup happened back in April? A lot of people say that they can’t take Alexa Bliss seriously as champion, a lot of people say that three hours is too long and everything seems forced and a lot of people say that creative is the problem. Here’s my issue with Monday Night Raw and how I feel about it and again, I think I should say that these are my opinions and ONLY my opinions.


When the draft happened One Year Ago in July, I was Team RAW, but originally I wanted to be teamed Smackdown for Selfish reasons due to me wanting Finn Balor and Shane McMahon on the show. That wasn’t meant to be because Finn would end up on Monday Night Raw. I was Team RAW, not because of him, it was the fact that I was seeing history happen in the Women’s Division despite Sasha Banks and Charlotte being the only two until Bayley came along. I remember people ALWAYS bitching and moaning about Sasha and Charlotte this, Sasha and Charlotte that. While I was annoyed with it, I got used to it because if it was not for them always ping ponging the title back and forth, we wouldn’t have had the Hell In the Cell, the Iron Women, the Falls Count Anywhere (Which was the second, not the first) and so forth.  You can ask Dave how critical I was of smackdown in the early stages and you can ask him everything I said about why I didn’t like smack down to begin with which will be a different blog for another day on why I didn’t like smackdown then like I do now.


Ever since the split, I feel like RAW is in deep trouble with the division. I feel like this is not Alexa Bliss’s fault because she’s doing the best she can as champion and I respect what she’s trying to do. I feel like the fault in this whole entire situation is creative. Why that Smacksdown is is doing better than RAW all of a sudden? Why is that Smack down is getting all positive reviews and Raw gets shit? Is it getting that BAD they have to rush everything together? While I do feel bad for all of those Women on Monday Night Raw, I feel like SOMEBODY needs to open their mouth and express their thoughts about what’s going on, especially Mickie James because she’s the veteran of the group and a veteran obviously needs to speak up.


Honestly, creative for Monday Night Raw needs a good BOOT in the ass, especially with the Women’s Division. I understand that time is short, but those girls bust their ass and try to make everything well. Now, I don’t know what’s going to happen at Great Balls of Fire, but I have a bad feeling about what MAY happen.


So what are your thoughts on Monday Night Raw? Do they need something done? How could they get it back together? Leave your thoughts on this and be respectful.

Thanks for Reading.


Meagan’s Corner #02 – Women’s Money in the Ban...
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Hello everyone, and welcome back to Meagan’s Corner. I thought having a second entry of this would come at the right time this time because of controversy that happened last night at Money in the Bank. For warning, this maybe a strong opinioned blog regarding what happened last night. You may or may not agree with me and that’s cool. I’m just giving a warning before I go further. With that being said, let’s get to the show.


Last night was Money in the Bank and surprisingly so, I was actually ready for a Smackdown Pay per View. Yes, I’ve been watching Smackdown as of late because my favorites are on the show (Even though I do have favorites in Finn Balor, Alexa Bliss, and Sasha Banks, Smackdown has more of my favorites than three on their show), but with this one, it was history making because of the first ever Women’s Money in the bank. I was very happy that this was announced because they were finally about to do this match and I hoped that it would make up for the disappointing Kendo Stick on a pole match one show prior towards this one.


The hype of the match was real and I was even getting emotional during the video package. The WWE Women’s Division has come a long way since the days of when I started watching it back in the year 2000. When Renee Young said on the preshow last night that this match was going to open the show, I knew off the bat that the fans would be into this match. It happened at Backlash last year where the six pack challenge opened up and Becky was crowned champion. They were into that match. I knew I was because it was history making and I do like that type of stuff.


We finally get to the show and I was ready that I had my phone to snapchat my moments of what happened in the back. If you guys listened to the WOW Candy Visuals Podcast on Saturday, Kris and Dave picked Charlotte while I was the loner of picking Carmella. Don’t want to spoil that just yet, but I do have to say for a history making event. All of the women looked good, but my pick of the night was this women right here.



Charlotte had the best ring gear of the night and I’m glad she did purple. I actually hope WWE did a photoshoot with her in that because it looked stunning, but knowing, they are stingy when it comes to shoots (see first Meagan’s corner for more details)


The match itself was actually pretty decent. Most of the girls had their spots and so forth. Tamina really did a good job in the match and I liked how she tipped the ladder over with Charlotte and Carmella on it. The leg in the ladder was also a good spot with Carmella and Charlotte. I kind of expected more from Becky and Nattie because I actually wanted to see one of them do their submissions on the ladder or in the ladder. Can you imagine the reaction that would’ve got if Becky used the dis-arm-her in the ladder on Carmella or Nattie doing a Sharp shooter ON TOP of the ladder on Tamina? That would’ve been crazy and since we are talking about spots, I really wanted to see Charlotte do the figure eight on one of the girls in the ladder or her crazy moonsaults she’s known for doing, which I thought was cool as you can see right here.


And finally, I really wanted to see Tamina do a tribute to her father because it was Father’s Day and her father passed away recently. That would’ve got the biggest pop of the night in my honest opinion of her doing that)


Now here comes the controversy of the whole entire show and this is where everyone got very upset, me especially, but I will explain my reasons down the line here. Becky was in the ring and she was looking to climb the ladder and get the Money in the Bank, but all of a sudden, we see freaking James Ellsworth at the bottom of the ladder, tipping the damn thing over.


I sat on my bed, pleading with Becky or SOME to come in the ring, grab him, toss him out or do SOMETHING to prevent him from doing something. As soon as Becky was off the ladder, he looked at Carmella and climbed the damn thing himself. Yes, Carmella was down on the ground, and he was on the ladder. That’s when I was pleading for someone to come in and tip the ladder, but it was too late. The son of a bitch grabbed the briefcase and gave it to her. Charlotte’s reaction was the best reaction and I’ve been using that screen cap of her.


That reaction will be used when something’s messed up or when my favorite sports teams lose their game, especially the Yankees.


I hoped that the decisions was going to be reversed and the match would restart, but it was not. There was no DQ’s or anything and the match was final. There was a lot of outrage going on twitter, everyone expressed their opinions about this, and there as even some of them that were fine with this that furthers storyline. While looking into some things, I’ve noticed an interesting observation online regarding this and they compared it to what Maryse did at the first Money in the Bank Pay per View by trying to help Ted Dibiase at the time. I looked at the video and studied it to get some notes in and here’s what was different from the controversy.

  1. Maryse did go in the ring, climbed the ladder and was trying to reach it. She didn’t bring it down because she was caught next by John Morrison.

  1. John Morrison grabbed her and prevented her from doing anything and told her to get out of the ring because she was not supposed to be in this match.

  1. Maryse distracted Morrison and had Dibiase go up the ladder and try to get the briefcase, but was unsuccessful with that.


WWE should’ve had done that situation where one of the women should’ve grabbed Ellsworth, bring him down and tell him to get out of the ring, leading to Carmella possibly going up the ladder and being unsuccessful the first time around before her actually winning it without Ellsworth. This is just my personal opinion, but as a fan of Carmella, I felt like this was her chance to prove herself. In her package, she did say this was a chance to prove herself and she had that chance to grab the case on her own, but Thanks to Ellsworth, she’s holding the briefcase.


A lot of people say said last night that this was to further the storyline with Carmella and Ellsworth to bring more heat to the both of them and it would make people tune in to see what happens from here, and it bringing to a BIG SITUATION with Ellsworth and have someone go against him. I’m fine with storylines and seeing what could happen next, but here’s my issue with this whole entire thing and I should state once again, this is only my opinion.


This was supposed to be a “historic event” with the first Women’s Money in the Bank match, and I wanted it to be a memorable one. I felt like Carmella should’ve been the one shining the in the light finally instead of Ellsworth being the one making history for her. I just felt like it was a slap in the face to everyone that wanted to see this match that’s been hyped up pretty good.


At the end of the day, the decision’s final and we cannot change the fact that this happened. We can still vent our frustrations or show approval of the situation that happened. It makes you wonder what will happen on Smackdown tomorrow night with this being addressed, but for now. Carmella’s your first ever “Miss Money in the Bank”, which lead to me actually being right.



So what you think about this whole controversy regarding Money in the Bank? Do you agree what happened? Do you disagree what happens? What do you think will happen with Carmella and the win?


With that being said, Smackdown should be pretty interesting tomorrow night, that’s for sure.


Thanks for Reading